Every man dies, not every man really lives

Friday, July 3, 2009

Chapter XVI

Eruanna now felt courage as she never felt it. But she felt also fear never experienced by her before by her. Her feet seemed to fly over the ground. Her sword felt as light as a feather. Her coat of mail seemed to be a light dress. She ran and ran. The orcs were now so near. But still the time felt like an eternity. She was almost in a swoon. She felt no ground under her. She felt nothing at all.

They met the orcs. Her sword came down and cleaved the orc's iron shoe. He fell and Eruanna stabbed it in the belly. With the up stroke she cut the leg off of another. She did it all by instinct.
Aragorn wielded the ancient sword Anduril with the skill of a king. It flamed and sent orcs flying into the air dead. It stabbed one and it seemed to burn as it fell. It sent the orcs running from the king. Anduril flamed and charged after them cutting down the orc chiefs in it's way. It flamed and again killed many.

The armies of Middle-Earth fought bravely but were soon surrounded.

They fought with the fire that only men and hobbits experience. Orcs and men swarmed together, in a clash of swords, blood, sweat and pain. On a certain place in Osgiliath where a battle was also going on, a certain man of Dale was leading his men in a charge. A man, with dark, black hair and brown eyes. Brown eyes that held fire and flame within them. The man was dressed all in dark blue, with a dark brown leather jerkin. The jerkin was embossed upon the chest with what seemed to be the sun, burning down upon orcish foes. A copper circlet was around this man’s brow.This man was Dramorion, son of Bellthandien, and he had come to help. His warrior’s eyes took in the situation immediately. Drawing his sword, he ran toward the fray, crying out, “Lachamarth for Dale!” Some of the orcs, standing directly in his path, barely had time to register what he was saying before his blade, Lachamarth, chopped through their necks. Twisting as he rocketed into their defenses, Dramorion avoided the enemies’ spears and crude blades. Dramorion fought with a burning heart. He still remembered his home in Dale, and how he had returned from hunting with his father to find it burned to the ground, his mother, sister, and two little brothers dead. He still remembered them. And each orc that fell beneath his blade satiated his desire for revenge against the foul creatures who would take the life of a ten-year-old girl and seven year old twins. And as the face of his mother came into his mind, his anger overwhelmed him. With a cry of rage, he blindly punched an orc in the face, shattering its jaw. His hand throbbed with pain from the impact. Smashing his sword against the side of another’s head, he brought his blade around in a whistling arc and skewered another orc. Suddenly he felt his blade grabbed. A uruk, too beserk to notice the sword’s sharp edges biting into his hand, yanked it, flipping Dramorion onto his back. With a snarl of cruelty, the uruk kicked Dramorion in the face. Dramorion whipped out his dagger and flung it toward the Uruk’s face as it stood above him, leering. With a cry of dumb surprise, the Uruk fell back, pinned through the eye. Dramorion leaped up and scrambled for his sword. An orc backed over his prostrate form and toppled with a shriek. Dramorion shook the blood from his eyes and saw a man above him, holding off the enemy. Quickly recovering himself, Dramorion stood back to back with him.“My thanks. Who are you?” Dramorion grated above the noise, while at the same time kicking and orc in the stomach.“Merianor, leader of the Ithilien Rangers here, and you?” the other man replied through clenched teeth, flipping an orc around and stabbing it in the back.“Dramorion, leader of sixty-seven men of Dale here.” Dramorion hacked off an orc’s legs and then its head. “Where is Prince Legolas? I have news for him and…” here he was interrupted by another uruk, who grabbed his arm and pushed upwards, at the same time bringing its teeth towards his throat. Merianor turned and, noticing Dramorion’s peril, bashed the Uruk in the stomach with a Southron shield he had picked up. The Uruk fell back with a wheeze while Dramorion finished him off. “…and it is most urgent.” He finished. Eruaphadion shrugged, all the while slicing defensively through the enemy. "Well, unfourtunately, there is news that he was slain for he never came to fight with his men." Dramorion grabbed Merianor by the shoulder and jerked him back wards as a warg, riderless, pounced just before him. Merianor quickly recovered and slashed the warg across the face with his sword. As the warg opened its mouth to roar in defiance, Merianor speared it in the mouth with his blade. Dramorion grinned, the blood from his forehead drying onto his cheek, and a black bruise on his chin. Come, friend. For Dale! Ithilien! And Middle Earth!” he saluted Eruaphadion with his sword. Eruaphadion returned the salute solemnly. “For Middle Earth.” Together, they charged towards the center.

Aragorn cut more and more down but to no avail. The orcs kept surrounding them. Fifteen the call Elendil was shouted, Fifteen times he rallied the men and gave them courage, Fifteen times Anduril flamed in a desperate attack. But to no avail. He knew what their doom was to be but continued to fight to the end. He was determined to fight through it all.
He ran a sword through an orc, pulled it out, pushed the orc onto another, and stabbed the blade through both. He pulled his knife from his sheath and stabbed another in the belly. He threw it to the ground and cut ones head off. An orc raised it's sword to cleave Aragorn's head but the king used the sword to cut at him.

Eruanna was on the far end of the battle field. She was one of the few who had made it all of the way the circle of orcs. Suddenly a horse rode out to her and she mounted. She rode with great speed to find out how Osgiliath fared. She rode with great speed over boddies of Orcs. She then came to the city. She looked in and saw Dramorion and Merianor fighting side by side.

She rode into the city and began to fight the orcs. The orcs were large and were quickly advancing. Dramorion ran a sword through an orc and then looked for more. The orcs were now almost all killed inside the great city. For the men had fought hard and the orcs were mostly killed.
Dramorion walked to Eruanna.
"You are a hobbit aren't you?" Said Dramorion.

"I am." replied Eruanna.

"I always wanted to meet one of your people. We in Dale know of one hobbit in particular who we all admire. His name was Bilbo Baggins."

"That's funny. He is my second cousin!"

The man grasped her arm and looked into her face. "This is a surprise."

"There is no time to waste! The battle looks as if it is going poorly! We must go to there aid!" said Merianor who had come up suddenly. Eruanna nodded and they turned to go. She suddenly saw on the hill a figure suddenly come up with the sunrise. He rode a horse and the sun seemed to shine on him. Dramorion looked up with his men in shock. Legolas looked down on the orcs with determination.

"Elves! Dwarves! Men of Rohan!" said the prince of the elves, "Attack!" And he said to himself, "The last fight of the elves!"

Legolas raised his sword and the men charged.
Legolas and the Lorien elves ran before the others and lined the orc's front lines. as the orcs tried to form a wall of pikes. The orcs looked at the wall and charged at it. They were instantly cut down. The elves suddenly parted and the Rohirrim passed through. Then the other elves and dwarves passed throught and Legolas went with them. Legolas swung his sword aound in circles and cut down all orcs in his path. The dwarves were using there axes on the trolls and the men ran over the orcs two by two. It was as in the golden days of Gil-Galad. Legolas, the king of both the kingdoms of wood elves was fighting against his enemies leading the armies of Middle-Earth.
Aranel was riding over the battlefield with a troll charging strait for her. It was a new breed. It was nine feet tall and was carrying a troll sword.
It raised it high and then it came down. Aranel rode in between the legs and saw an orc. She grabbed his sword and wrested it out of his hands. She then rode between the legs of the troll again. She jumped off her horse and landed on her feet on the floor. She took the short pointed orc sword and threw it into the chest of the troll. The troll fell dead at her feet.

Nibenon was on foot running through the lines of the orcs. He was using a long sword and killed all orcs in his path. Two orcs would approach him and he would take the long sword and cut their heads off and then would whirl around and cut the leg off of another. He fought better than any of the men of Rohan and Gondor. (Other than King Aragorn)
Eruaphadion stood on a hill with a bow in his hands and 35 arrows in his elvish quiver. Sticking out of the ground next to him sat his sword. He would put an arrow on the string, draw back the bow and shoot down the bigger of the orcs. Then when any orc spotted him he would pull the sword out of the ground and run it throught the orc like a knife through butter. He would then repeat the whole procedure.

When Legolas had charged, Eruanna and her men had also charged. They clashed against the great orcs and cut them down. It was indeed as in the days of Gil-Galad. The orcs were being cut down armies at a time. They were no match for Middle-Earth. Hope was now in the hearts of the free peoples of Middle-Earth. But suddenly, a dragon landed in the middle of the battle field. Mordorias had come. He dismounted carrying a sword and an axe with three blades crowning the top of it. He approached the armies and with one swing of his mighty axe he cast down six men. Many men and elves fell in that moment.

Mordorias slowly made his way down. He would slash men here, then elves there. None could withstand the mighty axe. Their was no hope. Man after man, elf after elf, dwarf after dwarf, hobbit after hobbit tried charged at him but was cut down. He then came to Legolas and Eruanna standing side by side. He drew back his axe and brought it down. Legolas ducked and jumped to the other side. Eruanna dived at the mail and tried to pierce it. The mail turned the sword and Eruanna fell to the ground. Mordorias raised his sword to strike but at that moment an arrow flew into his mail. He stood stunned but did not die. He then prepared to use his last blow to kill the ring bearer, Eruanna. Eruaphadion dropped the bow with which he had shot him with and dived at Mordorias with his sword.
"You'll not touch her!" he called as he dived Mordorias. He landed on him and the sword ran through a weak spot in the chain mail. Mordorias instead brought the sword in and stabbed Eruaphdion.
A waveshock suddenly went out and all the people fell on their faces. The orcs suddenly rose and fled. The people also rose up and began to cheer as the orcs ran. Nibenon, Aranel, and Eowyn ran out in front and called out,
"Persue them! Persue them free peoples of Middle-Earth." The armies rose up and charged after them.
The only people left on the field was Lagolas and Yaviel kneeling by the body of Eruaphadion saying, "Hiro hyn hîdh ab 'wanath.(May he find peace after death)" Euanna who was crying by him and Aragorn crying over the body of his son. Eruaphadion was breathing hard.
"Ada (Father)!" Said Eruaphadion in elvish, "I have not failed you."
"No." Replied Aragorn with a tear.
Eruaphadion looked at Legolas and said, "Legolas son of Haldir, heir to the throne of Lothlorien and Mirkwood, the king of Rivendell has fallen. I am the heir to the throne of Rivendell for I am the son of Aragorn and Arwen. I give the throne to you, my good friend." Legolas bowed with a tear. Eruphadion then looked towards the weeping Eruanna.
"Eruanna..." he said wiping a tear from her face. "You made it. And you have given the ring to their irhgtful owner, Legolas. Goodbye little friend." And saying this he hugged her and a man who's bravery ranks along side Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, and all the other bravest men that Middle-Earth has ever known, died.

Written by Legolas: Danny and Tolkienfanatic

To be continued...