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Monday, January 26, 2009

Chapter VI (read this tenth)

Once they had walked a mile or so, Eruanna in her wining voice asked,
"Legolas, where are we going?"
"Don't you know?"
"Well," said Legolas, "The rings are in danger now that the orcs know of them, they have been protected long enough in the shire. They need to be taken to the elven kingdoms where they rightfully belong. I will give them to the Wood-elves, the Sea-elves, and the Silvan-elves. Which is, one to the current King of the Wood-elves, another to the current king of the Sea-elves, and the last to the current king of the Silvan-elves."
"Oh," said Eruanna.

They marched the whole day. Eruanna swung her helmet onto her shoulder because it was heavy on her head. Legolas finally decided to sleep their for the night. In the morning they began again. Eruanna felt like she had been walking a week and more, on and on they walked. Around lunch time, when they were walking through a forest, she fell on her knees and couldn't get up.
"Come on," said Legolas, "We've only been walking for half a day."
"My legs just can't move no more," she replied.
Legolas decided to stop and eat. When the food was prepared, Legolas took a seed cake and some cram and started to eat. Suddenly a sword was put in front of his face. A voice said,
"Legolas Greenleaf, protector of the Three elven rings, why have you deserted your post?"
As fast as lightning he drew his sword and rose with the sword i front of him. Their was little light so he could see little. He suddenly swung two blows, one at the opponents feet, and the second at the head, but both were blocked. The figure laughed a familiar laugh and came out of the shadows.
"Yaviel Eruheran!" said Legolas.

To be continued....

Written by Legolas: Danny

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chapter V (read this ninth)

Eruanna ran to where she had seen Legolas pull the lever. Pippin found it first and he pulled it up. The stairs opened and they ran down the stairs.

They lit the room and grabbed the rings. They brought it up to Legolas. Eruanna was sent out and she sat outside the room and waited. Two hours later Pippin came out smiling.
"It worked!" he called to her. They ran in and saw Legolas laying on his bed. He had the rings in his hand.
"Thank you," he said looking at Eruanna, "For saving my life."
"It was one worth saving," said the Hobbit. Their was a tap on the window outside. Legolas looked and saw a knarled and scared face peeking in. In a flash it was gone. Eruanna and Legolas looked at eachother.
"The Orcs!" he said.
"They've seen the rings!" Eruanna replied.
"You need to get out," said Gandalf.
"Then we need to make plans!" said Legolas.
Pippin looked out the window and said, "No time. Look what's coming."
Legolas looked out and saw ten orcs going very slow about as far as you can throw a stone, heavily armed and trying not to be seen in Legolas' forest. But he was a skilled Elf, and he was from the woods, so he could see all of them.
"You need to move fast!" said Gandalf.

Legolas and Eruanna ran down into the chamber of the rings and they came to the door that Eruanna had tried to use. Legolas opened it and lit some torches. The room was full of Elven Armour. Elven shirts, Gold shields, swords of many kinds, Armour of many kinds, many gold and silver helms, saddles, beautifully carved bows, many, many, quivers, elven daggers, sword staffs, spears, brown boots, Elven dresses, chain mail shirts and skirts, and twenty capes. Legolas turned to Eruanna and said,
"This is the Armoury of the ring-bearers. We must hurry." Eruanna went through all the armour and found a mail skirt that fit. A dress to go over it, a gold shield, a silver helmet, and a short Elven Cape. Legolas wore an elven shirt, a bow and three quivers of arrows for when he ran out of arrows, an elven sword, three daggers, and a long green cape.

They ran to the door and threw it open. Their in front of them about a stones throw was ten orcs. Legolas put and arrow on his string and Eruanna drew her sword. Two orcs ran at them. Legolas shot one down and Eruanna finished the other off with her sword. Then, the remaining eight charged. Four ran at Legolas. He stabbed one, swung an arrow and killed another, swung his bow and stabbed another with the tips, and shot another arrow at the fourth. Eruanna blocked the first swing with her shield, and stabbed the orc, another orc slashed her helmet off, she swung her sword and killed him, cut the legs off another, then an orc ran up and knocked her over. Gandalf jumped out and raised his staff. The orc fell backwards and was shot with an arrow.
"You came in good time," said Legolas.
"Their is no time," Gandalf replied, "you must get out now."

Legolas and Eruanna took to the road and started their long march.

To be continued.....

Written by Legolas: Danny

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chapter IV continued (read this eighth)

Eruanna charged when the bodyguard were facing Merry's company. She ran to the backs of them and cut down one. Then two, then three, then four.

"Their down, Charge!" called a hobbit. Eruanna turned and jumped onto the cheif orcs face. He threw her off with one swing. She turned and ran with the others to Sam's company. When Sam saw them coming, he gave a cry of joy and advanced with his men. They were found their courage! They charged through the lines cutting down the left and right flanks.

Now, Pippin's company was preventing the orcs from invading, and Merry and Sam had their retreat cut off. The Orcs had no choice but to surrender.

Legolas was still in the middle of the orcs. There was an army of orcs around him. He slashed to the left and the right with his elven dagger. It stung those who it pierced. He finally had killed all the archers by throwing his arrows. The orcs slowly backed up. He quickly sliced two orcs, drew an arrow stabbed two, swung it and killed three more. He painfully jumped on a rock and pulled out his bow. He put four arrows on his string and let the arrows fly. The orcs were dropping around him.

Three jumped in front of him. He reached back and found that no arrows were in his quiver. He swung the bow killing the three with the sharp tips of the bow. Speared an orc with his bow and drew his dagger. He jumped in the air and brang the dagger down on an orcs head. The remaining orcs turned and fled. He put his hand on his bleeding leg and fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, at the battlefield, The orcs finally submitted .
"We surrender!" called the orc chief. The hobbits started cheering. Then it was treachery. While the hobbits were cheering, the orcs broke through their lines and fled up the hill where they had come. Eruanna looked at Pippin and said,

"I forgot! Legolas is behind that hill!" she cried. The hobbits charged and surrounded the body. The orcs went around them and fled. Pippin, Merry, and Sam carried him to into his house. They carried him to his room and called for Gandalf who, to Eruanna's surprise, was fighting in the battle. He came the next morning and looked at him.

After about ten minutes later Pippin came out and sat down on the floor crying.

"What's the matter with him!" Eruanna asked.

He looked up at her with a sad expression.

"The spear head was poisoned," he said.

She jumped back and gasped.

"Is their any hope?" she asked.

"None." he said.

She sat down and began to cry. Then her Took brain thought of something.

She ran to him and exclaimed,

"The rings!"

To be continued....

Written by Legolas: Danny.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Chapter IV continued (read this seventh)

With a smudge of dirt on her cheek and standing bravely on the hill, she drew her sword and yelled:

"FOR THE SHIRE!!!" She then ran down the hill cutting off orc legs and goblins heads, running into the shire cutting down orcs. she ran into a giant orc with a painted face. She swung her sword at him but he blocked it and twisted the sword out of her hand. She looked up waiting for the death stroke to come down but he fell with a sword through him. He fell revealing a hobbit behind him.

Pippin had ran up behind the orc-cheif and stabbed him in the back. He was clad in his Gondor uniform, and a grey cloak, and a helm.

"Eruanna, are you alright?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied. They turned to see orcs charging down the hill. H They ran through the streets knocking on the doors and rousing the hobbits. When all were awake, the battle of the halflings began. Samwise Gamgee, (who had jumped out of Bag-End and had seen the Orcs) led one hundred hobbits into the left flanks. Meriadoc, who was visiting Pippin led another one hundred hobbits into the right flanks. And Pippin and Eruanna led the charge into the middle. Sam's company reached the orcs first. They had started out well, for a second or two, but then the orcs in the back of the line reinforced the left flanks. Pippin reached second and it began going bad. Merry's reached the back in an instant.

Eruanna sliced down a goblin and seized his sword. She swung both swords at the same time and then killed two more with a downward swing. She fought like she had never fought before with the two swords. And after killing twenty orcs he made it to the back. She ran up the hill in the back of the battlefield to see how the battle was going.

Sam's company was falling fast. Merry's was strong and pushing inward to reinforce Sam. They went through one hundred orcs in a flash of lightning. Then came the commander of the entire orc attack. In front of him was his bodyguard. They were taller than any orcs. They were armed with bows, daggers, swords, spears, and shields. They were clothed with orcish-mail, breastplates, helms, arm and hand plates, and tall metal boots. Their were twenty of them and they were cutting down Merry's company fast. Eruanna raised her sword and cried,

"The Shire!" she charged to the guard and their she stopped.

To be continued.....

Written by Legolas: Danny

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chapter IV continued (read this sixth)

Eruanna turned to Terregrine and said,
"They're catching up!"
"I know!" called Teregrine.

Erruanna tripped and fell. She sttod up and plated her feet firmly in the ground. The figures threw off their hoods revealing their half-orc identity. Her eyes widened as she saw their faces. They drew their swords and ran faster. One ran to the back of Eruanna and the other ran to the front. They stopped and jumped onto Eruanna. The one in the front tied her hands in the back of her and put a halter on her neck. The other, obviously the cheif because the other did all the work, pulled out a horn and blew it. The other puled at the halter making her move. The cheif, whose name was Ortis, walked behind her.

They dragged her to Legolas' forest and their they tied her to a tree with her cheef smashed against it. They turned and talked.

"Well, you heard her," said Ortis, "three rings of power! Three! that must mean the three elven rings! What a prize!"

"I doubt it Ortis," the other said, "Their halflings and don't know nothin' 'bout those things."

"Well," said Ortis, "then we'll question this one,"

"I say we threaten instead," said the other.

"Good Idea Rotch," said Ortis. They went to work on something, but Eruanna fell asleep.

She woke up from being kicked by an orc foot. She looked back and Ortis pulled a branding Iron out of the fire. Secretly, Erruanna had hidden an elven knife that Legolas had given her in her belt. Ortis took one step but, to Eruanna's surprise he fell with an arrow in him.

Eruanna heard a screem as if someone had been stabbed on the hill. Eruanna looked up and saw a hooded figure with a short sword in it's sheeth and orcish armor on and in an orcish voice said,

"There was an elf on that hill. My orcs marched up and speared him before he could throw an elvan dagger. We made sure he was dead."

"Realy?" said a voice on the hill. The orcs looked up and fell with arows in them. Legolas jumped down the hill and cut the ropes on her wrists.

"Are you alright," he asked.

"Yes," she replied. Legolas pushed his cape out of the way and pulled a tip of an orcish spear out of his leg.

"They hit me with a spear and I pretended to be dead," he replied. Eruanna pulled her dagger out and said to Legolas,

"Do you see anything?"

"No," he replied.

"I do," she said, "I see eyes! alot of them!"

All of a sudden orcs and goblins jumped out. Legolas pulled out his two foot dagger and started cutting down orcs but couldn't walk because of the wound. Erruanna with her hobbit sword

was running through their feet killed Goblins and cutting off the feet of the orcs. She reached the top of the hill and by the little light their was and because of her hobbit eyes could see thousands of orcs pouring into the forest. Their were Goblins coming out of the trees, and trolls mixing with the orcs. And in the middle, Legolas was killing every orc that came close to him. She then saw little specks out in the shire.

To be continued....

Written by Legolas: Danny

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chapter IV (Read this fifth)

Eruanna's eyes widened and she said,
"This is news! I have to tell my friends!"
"No!" said the Legolas, "No one must know! I will tell your family."
"You really think it would be safe?" asked Gandalf.
"Maybe," said Legolas, "I wonder."

They put out the the fire and closed all the secret rooms, and stairs and holes. Legolas and Gandalf were the guests of honor at the Took table. But, it was not only a dinner, but a welcome home party. Everyone was their! Meriadoc had come from Brandybuck, Proudfeet, and many other hobbits including twelve dwarves.

When all the company had left and the younger ones were asleep, Legolas told Pippins family of the rings. But, When he began, a certain son of Pippin was listening secretly.
"And your daughter has seen them," finished Legolas.
"I'm amazed!" declared Pippin.
"But we must keep it a secret!" Whispered Gandalf.
"You can depend on me!" said Pippin.
"And me," said the small son of Pippin to himself honestly.

Legolas left a awed struck family and went to his house for a good sleep. The next day, Pippin sent his son, Teregrine and Eruanna to a place that he had started called the sign of the Prince of the Halflings. When they arrived, Teregrine went to the bar and asked for a drink. After singing a song, and drinking a few drinks, he started to talk with some freinds.
"You know," said Teregrine, "my friend owns the three rings of power and he told us that-"
Before he could finish, Eruanna jumped up and grabbed him but at the same time, two figures who were wearing hoods over their faces, jumped up and started to run at the two hobbits.
"Run!" called Eruanna. They ran out of the Bar, but the figures kept on their tales. The hobbits could see the figures shadows getting closer. They were catching up.

To be continued......

Written by Legolas: Danny

Chapter III (read this fourth)

Legolas walked down the steps with them into a pitch-black room. Gandalf and Eruanna looked around and could see nothing. Legolas walked into the pitch black darkness and they could see a torch lit. It moved to the side and lit a tall staff that was pointing straight up. The torch went out, and it moved to the left side and it lit a half circle which lit another staff. Both of the staffs made lines of fire spell out somthing. It read:

Three holes on the roof were opened, making a triangle on a table that was in the center. And under each hole was a ring.
"What-" said Gandalf almost in a whisper, but didn't finish his sentence.
"These are the Elven rings," said Legolas.
"How are they, I mean, Why do you, I mean, How do you, have them?" Gandalf replied.
"Galadriel and the other ring owners gave them to the wood-elves for protection about twenty years ago." said Legolas, "My Grandfather, Thranduil, knew that wherever they were, they would be in danger. So he sent them where they would never be suspected to be. Here in the Shire. In this room. We have had an elf of royal blood protect it for years. I was told the tale four years ago and I immediatly wanted to be the next Ring bearer of the greatest Elven treasures of all times. My father wanted me to stay and be king, but I denied the throne and gave it to My younger brother. I went to the shire and I have been here for the four years."
"I never thought you a ring bearer like my fathers freind Frodo Baggins." said Eruanna.
Legolas smiled.
To be continued......
Written by Legolas: Danny.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chapter II continued (Read this third)

Gandalf looked over to see Legolas standing in the doorway smiling.
"What are you doing here?" he said laughing.
"Well it is my house," he replied also laughing.
"I know, but I expected you to come home tomorrow!" said Gandalf.
"Well I'm home anyway," he replied.
Eruanna ran to Legolas and gave him a hug.
"Hello, Eruanna!" said Legolas lifting her in the air and spining the laughing hobbit.
"What kept you away so long!" she said when he put her down.
"My, my father d- died," he said with tears in his eyes. "So I stayed a little longer."
"Oh," Eruanna replied. "I'm sorry."
The elf looked up and said in a cheerful manner,
"Well it's no time for sadness. I'm going to have dinner with your family tonight."
"Oh!" she cried, then she remembered the floor and her smile left her face.
"What is it?" Legolas inquirered as he put away his things.
"I,um, did you know about those loose boards next to your shelf?" she asked.
"What boards?" he asked with an angry expression on his face.
"Oh, I broke a hole in your floor and found a room in it," she replied.
Legolas looked at her and said in a strange voice,
"What did you see?"
"Nothing but an old dusty room," she said.
He looked to the side and then after a minute or so he broke the silence.
"Unfourtunately, you've seen it. I am forced to show it to you.
Legolas walked to the side of his house and pulled some sort of lock. It was a lever with a square on the tip of it which fit in between two teeth on a gear. When it was pulled up, the gear moved a rope in the wall and the flat boards on the floor seemed to break into twelve, one foot-long, horazontal stairs. The entire thing went down, but the stairs stayed horazontal. At last it stopped moving and there were twelve steps going downward.

"Come on," he said and led them down the stairs.

To be continued......

Written by Legolas: Danny

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chapter II (Read this second)

Gandalf walked up to Eruanna and snatched up the keys.
"Why did you take my keys!"
Eruanna looked up and answered,
"Well, I always woted to see them keys. their so shiny, and, and-"
Gandalf looked at him for a moment then gave a loud laugh.
"You Tooks never change do you," said Gandalf.
Eruanna looked at Gandalf with a strange face.
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"Oh nothing," said Gandalf, "you'll find out when your older. And Waht are you doing here?"
"I was waitn' for old Legolas to come home," replied the hobbit.
"Well I don't think he's comin' today," said Gandalf.
"Oh he won't eh?" said a voice behind Gandalf.

To be continued.......

Written by Legolas: Danny

Chapter I (Read this first)

It all began when the elf Legolas Greenleaf, who looked exactly like Legolas, his father, was going on a trip to visit his good friend, Gimli. Meanwhile his "little friend", Eruanna Took (named an elven name because her father, Pippin, loved the elves), was anxiously waiting his return.

When the day came, she came skipping through the shire saying to herself,
"Greenleaf is coming home today, Greenleaf is coming home today!"
For she loved to hear the stories he told. Another reason why she thought him as a good friend, was because they lived about two miles apart and he owned a huge piece of land in which he grew many trees in which she loved to climb.

She came to his house thinking that he was at home. In her childish voice she called as she knocked on the big, wooden door,
"Greenleaf! Greenleaf! Are you home? Come on! Stop playing games..." Before she could finish her sentence, the door creaked opened a mite.
"Legolas?" She said, as she pushed the open the door as it creaked and complained on it's hinge.
"It ain't polite to go budgin' into other's houses....but....'e is Mah friend after all." She steeped into the dusty and ancient house and looked around.
"My, if this isn't the dirtiest house in all the shire!" She laughed. "Wot's this?" She steeped forward curiously to a big ancient ax with old engraving written over it, leaning against the wall, full of dust. "Legolas nevah showed me this." She picked it up to examine it with her usual hobbit curiosity.
"OH! IT'S SO 'EAVY!" As, the little hobbit lifted the giant axe, she tumbled under it' weight and the axe fell to the ground with a crash, sending all the ancient wood crumbling and falling into a perfect circle.
"Why this is as strange as news from Bree! It's a giant hole!" As she tried to lift the axe to move it, the axe, by it's weight, flung her arms over her head and crashed onto the wood behind her, again into a circle! The axe then fell through the hole leaving the little hobbit stuttering for breath in astonishment.
"OH NO! HIS AXE! He's going to....NO!," she said as she frantically grabbed the boards behind her, "I'm slipping!" The young girl then slipped into the deserted empty hole below, with boards splinter down after her.
"Look at that door ovah therah! It looks big and important.." The small girl looked up at the big ancient door that seemed to make her look and feel like a small apple. She then turned to see if there was a way out of the musty old room.
"OH NO! Wot' am Oi goin' to do?! LOOK! Stairs!" Cheering up immediately, the little hobbit then rant to the stairs and climbed up them. She then same to a door and pushed the handle down, while shoving all her weight on the door.
"Come on! Ye daft...." the door then swung open, leaving her standing in the upper floor of Legolas' house in his room.
"Could this be?! I've found a secret room of some sort! Oh won't Legolas be glad! But I broke his floors!! No never mind about the glad! He'll kill me! He loves that old floor of his! GASP! AND GANDLAF IS COMING DOWN THE ROAD!!!" With that, the little hobbit dashed down the stairs and shoved a big rug over the holes and then hid behind behind a chest.

"Legolas, Hello!" called the voice of Gandalf, "Wonder why the blighter kept the door open." With that he walked in and went to the shelf.
"Let me see, I don't think he'd mind if I borrowed that old book of the history of the Rings of Power....where is it! Doesn't Legolas ever clean his house?!" The frustrated old wizard then went around looking through the books, as a little unnoticed form was moving silently behind him, and reached it's hand into his pocket, lifted something out and then dashed behind a chest unnoticed.
"HERE IT IS!" The wizard said as he held out the book in triumph! "Well, I'll call tomorrow to see if the old Elf is home." Gandalf then concluded his search and walked out of the house.
"HAHA! Oh this is luck! I've always loved Gandalf's keys!! HEHE! Oi! They might fit into that key 'ole down stairs! That's it! Yes!" As she dangled the keys before her eyes, the door opened and Gandalf's face showed in the middle of the key ring. Gandalf stomped into the room and looked won at the little hobbit smiling sheepishly.
"Erauuna Took. I should have known."
To be continued........................................
Written by Erauna and Legolas.

The adventure continued...........................

The adventure continued, is a blog about Legolas Greenleaf who was named the same name as his father, also Laegolaus, the king of the Wood-elves, and his very good freind, Pippin Took's daughter: Eruanna Eruwaedhiel Took who is 39 yrs old. It is the story of they discovered a vast treasure...or is it a burden? Together, Eruanna and Legolas and Gandalf must take the burden upon themselves to keep it from the evil hands of the orcs........................ The first nine chapters are the first book: Three Rings For the Elven Lords under the Sky, the next fifteen chapters are the second book: The War of the Seven Rings.

This blog will be run by Eruanna: Hannah, and her brother Legolas: Danny. ENJOY!