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Friday, August 28, 2009


I thought I would just post some clips.

The first two are from Braveheart. Directed by Mel Gibson and starring Mel Gibson.

There is no violence in this video.

This one has a tiny bit of the battle.

Chapter XIX

The company of Elves approached the eves followed by the peoples of Middle-Earth. The boats were prepared to move. The Sea elves were on board ready to sail also. King Manwe had one boat made for himself and all the royal elves. The elves all climbed on the boats and looked one last time on Middle-Earth.
Legolas approached the boat and let all the other elves climb on board. He then turned around and looked at a small hobbit.Eruanna approached crying. Her tears were many. Legolas knelt and put his hand on her shoulder.
"Hey!" he said, "Look at me."

Eruanna looked at him.
"You've got to be strong. Your the one I'm gonna miss the most."

"Ya don't gotta go!" she said desperately. "Stay with us. What am I gonna do without you!" she said putting her hands on her head and crying.

"Hey! You listen to me. Your gonna do without me. Your gonna live for a long time, and your gonna be 'appy. Alright?"

Eruanna nodded her head.

"I'll miss you." said the elf. He gave her a hug and walked slowly backwards looking at her. He turned around and climbed on board. He looked back at her and smiled. This was the last Eruanna ever saw of the elf for many years. The ships set sail and Eruanna witnessed the last voyage of the elves.
Eruanna went back to the shire alone after all the hobbits and was walking down the road with a slow pace when a wagon stopped next to her. She looked up and saw a familiar face.

"Gandalf!" said the hobbit.
Gandalf opened his mouth and laughed.

Eraunna laughed and jumped onto the wagon hugging the old wizard.
"I thought you were killed by an orc? You said so in my dream!" said Eruanna.
"Oh," said Gandalf a bit nervous. "Well, about that..." Erauanna looked at him wondering what all this was about.
"Well, I always wanted to make people think that I was dead and make them dramatic when they saw me and so I thought I'd try it."
Eruanna looked at him and hit him on his arm as Gandalf laughed.

They talked over the war and many other topics which only Hobbits bring up.

Eruanna then turned to him and said, "Gandalf do you think I'll ever see Legolas again?"

"Well I think so. You see Hobbits are so willful. In your case foolhardy." said Gandalf as Eruanna hit his arm.
"Gandalf," said Eruanna. "I'm glad I'm back."

So our story has finally come to it's end. If I were to look through all of time and space I think I could find one way which describes the ending for any story, and they lived happily ever after.

Or in this case, until the adventure is continued........
~The end~

Written by D.J.M.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chapter XVIII

The armies of Middle-Earth were gathered in a hall of Gondor. Splitting the armies was a long aile. Lining it was the elves of Lothlorien wearing the armor of the second age.

The dwarves carried axes and were posted behind the elves of Lothlorien. The men of Gondor were in formation with swords drawn and and shields shining. The hobbits were forming their own ranks behind them. The men of Rohan were on there horses in the back of the lines along with the elves of Mirkwood on horseback. Both armies were carrying the banners of Lothlorien, Mirkwood, and Rivendell. On the floor was a long green mat. On it were curving and intersecting thin lines.

Suddenly, trumpets sounded and out marched a long line of elves, men, and dwarves. It began with two dwarves carrying banners of King Dain. Behind them marched two dwarf guardians with there axes shining on their shoulders and black dwarven blades on their backs. They wore silver shirts of mail and over that, they wore bronze and silver belts which were covered with thin sheets of steel crossing in front of the mail. On their heads they wore silver helms. Behind them marched the axe throwers wearing the same armor. Behind them were the pikemen, and finally the two body guards, and King Dain himself, and two more bodyguards. The four bodyguards wore shirts of mithrill mail and mithrill breastplates. They carried broadswords and red shields. King Dain had his long white beard in two braids and he wore a leather shirt and a bright coat of gold mail and pants with brown boots.

Then came the Men of Gondor. The Royal guards were first wearing their blue capes, helms with white feathers and bright armor.

Following them were six knights of Gondor on horses. The Horse had shining armor and chain mail on his head. The knights carried long spears and swords at their right side. On the left was a shining silver shield.

Finally, in strode King Aragorn Ellasar and Queen Arwen at his side. Aragorn wore a silver chain mail shirt and a blue juppon with the tree of Gondor on it. He wore silver gauntlets which also had the tree of Gondor. On his head was the crown of Gondor. At his side was Anduril, the flame of the west in a silver and green sheath which Galadriel had given him many years before.

In front of Aragorn and Arwen was their son. He wore a shirt of mithrill and over it was a blue juppon also with the tree of Gondor. He wore pants of mail and black boots. On his head was a silver circlet.

In the back of the line came the elves. Five elves marched in wearing the armor of the second age. They carried long elven spears and shields. Then came the archers. They wore the mirkwood ranger clothes. On their backs they wore quivers with twenty-four arrows in each.

In walked Legolas. He wore nothing on his head. He was wearing a tunic which went down to his knees. He walked forward majestically and all the elves pointed their spears pointing diagonally towards the sky. As he walked up the aisle he saw his crown in the hands of Eruanna Took who was carrying it on a pillow. Now was the time he was to receive the kingship of both the High Elves and the Wood Elves whose rings he now wore on his neck.

He walked to up the stairs and knelt. Yaviel approached and placed a silver crown on his head. He rose and turned towards the people.

"The battle is over! The storm is lifted!" said Legolas. The elves began to cheer. "I now acknowledge a soldier of this battle. Dramorion, step forward!" Dramorion walked forward with his wife, Eliniel* next to him. His wife was dressed Aragorn drew a sword from a sheath, which was being carried by a dwarf, and approached.

"I knight you, Sir Dramorion, and make you Earl of Dale."

"And may I add that I commend his skills in battle!" called a short Eruanna at the back on the thrones.

All the people laughed.

Dramorion bowed and received the sword gratefully. He then turned and walked away.

"Elves of Middle-Earth." continued Legolas. "We have withstood armies twice our size and enemies who have killed hundreds of ten-thousands! We have saved Middle-Earth more than once. But this is not our age. The age of men has begun. The age of Elves...is ended. Our time is up. We go now to our true country, Valinor. The last voyage of the Elves."

With this, tears came into the elve's eyes. This was true. It was time to let the men take over. It was time to leave the home they had come to love to go to their real homeland. Their time was over. "Long live King Legolas son of Haldir!" cheered the elves. Legolas and his procession of elves marched down the aisle and went to prepare for this voyage.

To be continued.....

Written by Legolas: Danny

*Eliniel is Tolkienfanatic herself

Monday, August 17, 2009

Chapter XVII

Aragorn and Legolas placed the body of Eruaphadion on Aragorn's royal cape and carried him off the battlefield with Eruanna and Yaviel walking behind with their weapons in front of there faces and tears coming down their cheaks. They carried his body to the room of the dead kings and their they placed him in the center of the room and from their they met Arwen and went to the balcony.

Legolas then looked beyond the battlefield from the balcony and saw the armies of Middle-Earth chearing their great victory. When they came close to the tower, Legolas and his companions went to the room of the dead where the armies had been told to go by the Sentries Legolas had posted.

When they reached there, the armies were knealing at and around the body of Eruaphadion. The royal guards ran to Legolas, Aragorn, and Arwen and began to march inside the room. The guards were covered in sweat and black and red blood. They had there weapons in their hands and had them facing up.

"May he find peace after death!" chanted the men of Gondor, the men of Rohan said, "Bealocwealm hafað fréone frecan forth onsendedgiedd sculon singan gléomenn sorgiendeon Meduselde þæt he ma no wære,Þæt he ma nowere is, þurh niedig rest And mægen deorost Bealo." along with the elves who were sayng, "Hiro hyn hîdh ab wanath."

The men chanted the same things in many different tunes they had never even heard. Legolas looked on the body of Eruaphadion. His face seemed as if it were smiling and was covered in brightness.