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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Announcement! Anouncement!

If you are one of the people who I have told to write a chapter and send it in so that we can use it in the next chapter I now need them ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!! Please send them to Hannah (Eruanna).

~Legolas: Danny

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chapter XV

Eruanna dismounted as she reached Minas Tirith, the White City of Gondor. She entered and began to climb the stairs with three rings in her hand. Miluiel followed her with many guards behind her. Eruanna strode up the stairs with all the people admiring her courage. She heard the voice of her father as she climbed. She was clad in armor and carried a sword in her left hand. She finally reached a tall white door.

The guard swung open the door and there in front of her sat King Aragorn and the seat of the Steward empty. She strode forth. Eruanna's father's old friend, Strider, stood and looked upon the rings. He walked to the bottom of the steps. He drew forth Narsil, sword of the kings, Anduril, sword reforged. He held it high and said, "I knew of when the rings would come. Behold, I call my people. To arm men of the west!" All the guards ran out of the room and Eruanna could hear the sound of trumpets and horns. Aragorn went and knelt before Eruanna. "Whether I go to victory or my death, I will follow you to war."

The troops were running too and fro gathering armour, helmets, swords, shields, bows, arrows, maces, spears, chain-maces, mallets, axes, torches, the few horses that were there, and any other items that could hit, stab, cut, and any other damage. They were being marshaled by the small hobbit Eruanna. She could not lead the troops, she gave that job to Aragorn, but she could be at least a shieldmaiden of Gondor and be second in command.

She ran to the top of the tower when all the troops were prepared and looked down on the army of Gondor. She looked to her surprise, bewilderment, and horror on only five thousand troops at the least who would fight against the eighty million soldier army of Mordorias. She then heard soldiers fighting. She ran to the other side of the white tower and beheld Beregond and his men fighting about fifty orcs.

They were doing wonderfully. Beregond led his men bravely and broke the charge of the orcs. All fifty lay dead at the feet of the guards of Gondor. She thought to herself, "We had news that there was no orc left in Middle-earth but all had fled to Mordor, but, here we have many orcs which look different from the others, they looked vaguely familiar though." She thought hard but couldn't figure it out. Then she heard the cries of people. They were not men, elves, dwarves, orcs, or any other creatures like that. She then saw them. Hobbits!

They were calling, "And don't come back to the Shire again!" Eruanna then noticed a very, very , familiar face. Peregrine Took ran down the hill greeting the men he loved. He then saw a familiar face. Beregond lifted the hobbit and cried, "I thought I'd lost you forever!" Pippin hugged him and laughed loudly.

Eruanna came running down the stairs and came out of the tower calling, "Daddy! Daaaaadyyyy!" She ran to him and hugged him tightly. Pippin hugged her back. Eruanna began to shed greater tears than that of all the water of the seas. They were together again.

Then came a great horn. It was that of the horn of Aragorn. Pippin heard it and reacted immediately. He ran to the front of Minas Tirith leading his hobbits. Aragorn saw him standing with Merry and Sam. He ran to them and they all hugged. But the storm was yet to come. Aragorn looked towars Mordor and in front of him stood a black line. The orcs were coming. He drew Anduril and rode to the front of his troops. He blew another horn calling all that would aid him. There over the mountains behind came Halberad and the army of Rangers. They came and joined the soldiers. Aragorn then blew another horn and the eagles suddenly swooped down.

Archers mounted them and made ready to fight. No more were left in Middle Earth save one army.

Eruanna looked around for Legolas but could see no one. Aragorn raised his sword to signal the troops to move but was stopped by a hobbit. Eruanna said in a begging tone, "Legolas will come. Be patient." Aragorn put his sword back in it's sheath and waited. After half an hour, They still waited. They could finally see the figures of the orcs. Aragorn rode over o Eruanna and said, "We can wait no longer." Eruanna thought to herself, "Legolas has failed.....how?......He said he would be here." She fell into sadness and finally realized the doom of Middle Earth. She felt as if she would run away.

Aragorn stepped forwad and d rew his sword. He looked back and the eagles flew with the archers firing their arrows. They shot down few for soon the archers were shot down and the remainders flew back to the Gondorians. Aragorn drew his sword and looked back at the cowed soldiers behind him. He took a deep breath and rode to the left edge of the army. He turned back and said,

"Men of Gondor, Eagles from the decent of Thorondor, Rangers of Arnor in the north, Hobbits of the Shire, al other people helping us. I see in your eye the same dreams, hopes, loves, desires. but what more can be desirable than the glory of being in a peaceful world. I look forward and I see eighty thousand black soldiers, I look back and I see seven thousand men, brave willing to fight, courageous, I look forward again and I see eighty thousand black nights fallen in defeat." The guards began calling out the name of Aragorn and Ellasar. Aragorn raised his sword again. He called out, "For Middle Earth!"Eruanna could feel the cool wind blowing on her face. She could see the shire. She then threw the chance to leave the shire and suddenly ran in front of Aragorn and charged. The army then charged as did the orcs. Her fathers face was shining with pride because of his daughter.

~So It Began~

The war is to be continued....
Written by Legolas: Danny

Friday, May 15, 2009

Chapter XIV

The army began the march to Gondor. Legolas rode in the front with Yaviel on his right. On his left rode Eowyn who would always be grateful that he was leading the elves and dwarves to help her late husband's country and the country of King Aragorn. Legolas looked forward on the road. He had left his home. He rode now to the aid of another. For if he did not, many other men, women and children would never know the word 'home'.

He looked back at the men as he rode forward. He then looked at the elves. Then he looked at the country around him. He had to think first of the people he loved. He looked back forward deep in thought. He raised his head. He was proud now proud to be an elf. He was proud to be part of the alliance. He was proud to be going to the aid of Gondor. He was proud to be riding by men. Thinking about aiding his good friends made him realize that he could hold his head high.
As his horse climbed a hill, men behind him suddenly called out, "It's Isengard!" He looked up and saw the tall tower Orthanc. On the top was a man dressed in black armour. He then looked down and saw an Oliphaunt. On the top were two figures wielding swords. In the distance were two figures riding on a white horse in the dirrection of Rohan. He looked closely with his elvish eyes at the battle and noticed that the tall one was Eruaphadion and the other, Aranel knew. It was her brother, Nibenon. Eruaphadion swung down with one stroke and cleaved a man. He then twisted around and deflected a blow from a Southron sword. He twisted the sword out of the man's hand and stabbed him with a knife. Nibenon had his sword in a dead man and it was sticking up in the air. He had his bow up and was shooting down Southrons. Whenever one got to close, he pulled out the sword and cut him down. Eruaphadion twisted around and cut a Southron in half and ran to the head of the Oliphaunt. He ducked a sword and threw the man over him onto his back. He grabbed his sword and ran to the head of the Oliphaunt. He turned the sword over in his hand, raised it and stabbed the gigantic creature. It fell on the floor dead.

Legolas looked to his left and saw an army of Orcs approaching the dead Oliphaunt. They reach it and looked to see Eomer leading the kingdom of Rohan into war. They reached the Orcs and the battle began. The dwarves then followed the men. Eomer, Eruaphadion, Eowyn, Aranel, Nibenon, and Dain wielded their weapons with deadly skill.

Legolas then looked to his other side and saw that more orcs were approaching and that the already fighting army needed reiforcments. He sent Yaviel, Rimedur, and Manwe to attack them. He led one hundred newly joined elves against the new orcs. Legolas' battle reached the orcs. He fought gloriously.He looked back and they threw back their elvish armour showing their Southron uniforms. They turned around and left a bewildered Legolas staring at them.

He suddenly felt a cruel blade slit slightly deep in his head. He fell to his knees looking into the face of an orc. It raised it's sword and grunted. Suddenly, a long blade came through it and it fell. Yaviel appeared and layed her hand on Legolas' head. With her skill she healed him. He looked her in the eyes. He said nothing. He then to the orcs ahead. He then rose and said to her, "Never did I think I'd die side by side with Yaviel daughter of Haldir of Lothlorien." She looked at him and said in a beautiful tone, "And neither did I think I would die by Legolas Son of Haldir, my brother."

Legolas looked at her with joy and bewilderment. "What!" Yaviel said to him in a clear tone, "When you were born you were named Legolas and when father died, Legolas brought you up after the war. He knew that it was what Haldir would have wanted."

Legolas put hi hands on the fair beautiful face of Yaviel with tears in his eyes, same as Yaviel.

Why have you never told me this?" asked Legolas.
"Because I wanted you never to know that you were not the son of the prince of Mirkwood."
"Then why tell me now?"
"Because I've grown to admire you and seen that you care nothing for a throne. But either way, you are the highest elf in Lothlorien."
"Yaviel, I feel as if I have finally found happiness." Legolas then turned and saw an orc coming. He swung his sword and cut him down. He found new strength. He wielded his sword with death. All fell before him.

Legolas cut down twenty orcs and Yaviel, thirty. They suddenly found themselves surrounded by archers. Legolas and Yaviel drew out there bows and drew them back. Suddenly They heard a loud horn blow and the orcs went running from Eruaphadion on a horse leading the elves of Rivendell, Eomer leading Rohan, and so on and so forth leading their armies. Legolas and Yaviel were left standing on the battlefield staring at each other's eyes.
The orcs ran but when the men ran into the tower of Orthanc to look for Mordorias, they only found a lonely tower. When they came to the top, they could see dragon flying away.
That afternoon, Legolas and Yaviel went to the woods to have a real wood-elven celebration. They ran throught the woods singing songs of joy.
They finaly sat on the grass and spoke. "I have found happines! I have found the real Yaviel!" said Legolas.
Yaviel smiled at him and giggled and lyed down. She too was a new Yaviel and had found a new Legolas. They were realy now friends. They now had found in eachother a great love for one another. All that Legolas could now think of now was his new found sister.
To be continued......
Written by Legolas: Danny

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chapter XIII

Eruanna jumped back. She held her head high and, though she had tears in her eyes, she seemed joyful. She held her head high. "I was sent to go to Gondor to distribute the rings because it was the only way to do it. No that I am so close, I will not stop now. I am so close to the end." she suddenly went into deep thought. "I want to go home. The trees will be blooming. The hobbits harvesting the corn. Daddy will be sitting outside the house with his pint of beer and his pipe. I want to see daddy again." she said with sudden tears coming out of her small blue eyes. "I want to lay my head on his lap. I want to see daddy again. I want to go home." Miluiel knelt in front of the hobbit and hugged her. "Shhhhhhh!" she said softly. She walked to the horse and gently placed Eruanna on it. The two of them rode off to Gondor. They rode up over a hill and could see the white tower standing tall.
"Gondor. The holder of the greatest courage ever found. The guardian of the West. The friend of freedom, and the keeper of all that stands alive and good." said Eruanna recalling the words of her father.

From the hill they could see Mordor. There, at the front of the country was at least twenty thousand orcs. They looked as if each was breeding an orc or two. They were multiplying quickly. They also saw fire and sparks. It must have meant that they were forging weapons. Already about one thousand orcs had reached Osgiliath and were attacking it, five thousand orcs were on either side attacking it from the water, and three thousand more were marching to reinforce the attack.

The two orcs began riding down into Minas Tirith. A gate was now placed at the entrance into the white city. Sixty guards guarded it. Their leader approached Eruanna and looked into her eyes.
"I know your face!" he exclaimed.
"And I know yours!" said Eruanna. "It reminds me of something my father showed me, a picture he painted."
"Who is your father!" said the man grasping her hand.
"Peregrine Took."
"By my sword!" he said, "I am Beregond! The good friend of your father!"
"What! My father has told me oh, so much about you!" she replied. "But what are you doing at Minas Tirith? You were never allowed to enter again!"
"Exactly. That is why I guard the outside of the new gate." the soldier replied.
"I am sorry to inturrupt, but Gondor needs th- us right now." Said Miluiel trying not to give away the fact that they held the rings.
"You may enter." he said.
They rode through the gates and Beregond blew his horn three times. Four horsemen approached and led Eruanna and Miluiel to the Tower. As they rode by they saw many people in the streets crying, carrying dead bodies, stting in the front of their houses with hands on there heads just empty... empty...

Eruanna stopped the horse and raises her sword. In a clear loud tone she called, "People of Gondor, be sad no longer. The storm has ended." She spread her arms and then said, "Behold the dawn!" She grasped the rings on her neck and raised them high. They shone brighter than the sun and moon. Enya, Narya, and Vilya had returned to a human land. The sun of freedom had arisen.

To be continued......
Written by Legolas: Danny

Chapter XII

Legolas rose from the ground and walked out of the forest. He climbed onto a rock and below him stood the army of Lorien, Rivendell, and Mirkwood who had just joined the army. Legolas spoke in a majestic tone, "We have won. We have fought. We have conquered. We have taken the right path." They had come so far and now Legolas was so close to his throne. He would not take it just yet. Three paths were now before him. The lands of Valinor, the battle of Gondor, or to stay at home. At the forests he knew. At the place he had grown to love. He had to decide. He would not take the paths of Valinor. He had to decide between the other two. If he went to Gondor he would never return to the woods he knew...that he knew... that he knew... that he loved... his woods...
"I can't leave." said Legolas looking back at the woods with a tear. "I have to go." He looked down and to the side at the men of Rohan. He had to think of the glory of Men first. They were also creatures. They were their allies. He had to leave.

He turned to the army and said in a clear voice, "We are leaving now. The age of Greenwood or Mirkwood or all other names given it has reached it's final goal. Those who are going to stay are to stay. All who aren't are following Legolas Greenleaf to the aid of Men." A battle cry a rose from the elves and from the men, only tears. How could an elf think this way to the kingdom of Men, the usurpers? How could a king so great be so kind?

Legolas raised his long sword and the three people on the battle fields called out,
"To Gondor!" Legolas in reply said in a soft voice to himself, "Gondor."

The army descended the hill which they had climbed before. Legolas stopped and looked back on those trees. The trees he loved. A tear decended down his cheek and he pronounced the name for the very last time, "Home."

To be continued.....
Written by Legolas: Danny

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chapter XI

Eruanna looked up into a fair face. Miluiel was wearing the uniform of a Southron. She had clear, loving, blue eyes. Eruanna could see a bit of her hair, thought it was tucked under helmet, it was blonde and looked as soft as silk. On her thin waist she carried two elven daggers and on her back was an elven blade. She wore a cape of the same material that the Fellowship of the Ring wore. She must of made the Southrons think that she was a man and had stolen elven weapons and material. She looked down on Eruanna and through the cloth across her mouth Eruanna could see a smile.

The oliphaunt suddenly stopped and Eruanna was dragged up onto her feet. She stood and could see a tall tower. On the top stood a tall man in the armour of Sauron. Eruanna knew in an instant who this was. Mordorias. He looked down upon the hobbit and called out, "Bring the dog up to me!" Eruanna looked up and a tear went down her cheek. All had ended. The kingdom of Middle Earth would fall and all would come to darkness. She had failed Eruaphadion and Legolas, the king of the Elves. She had lost. In her thought, her hands suddenly felt something metal and cold. Miluiel had slipped Eruanna's sword into her hand.
Eruanna cut the ropes. She had another chance to save Middle Earth. She looked up at the elf and said, "Let's do it." Miluiel pulled out a horn and gave it one loud blast. Out of the bushes came Eruaphadion and Nibenon. Miluiel drew out the elven sword and cut the ropes. Eruanna jumped onto the ladder off the Oliphaunt and began to climb. Miluiel. threw off the Soutron uniform revealing her elven amrour and her position of the elven princess of Lorien. She began to cut down the Southrons.
Eruaphadion grabbed Eruanna and put her on a horse. Miluiel climbed down and jumped onto the horse also. She looked down at Eruaphadion and said, "Hail prince of Rivendell!" she then galloped off. Eruanna looked back at the prince and smiled. Miluiel rode past the enemies and towards Rohan.

They reached Edoras by noon on the hobbit clock and they dismounted. Miluiel walked into the Golden Hall and called out, "Hail king Eomer!" All that she was replied to with was the echo of her voice. She walked out in pity. She walked to Eruanna and showed her a torn flag. Eruanna looked at it and began to cry.
"I was too late... too late..." She layed her head on Miluiel's waist and cried out loud. Miluiel also began to cry. She had failed... failed...

To be continued.....
Written by Legolas: Danny

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chapter X

Legolas stopped at the army and let down the elf. She looked up at him, smiled and climbed onto another horse. Rimedur rode to Legolas and asked, "Where to now?" Legolas raied his sword and called out, "Lothlorien!" The elves of Lorien raised there swords and bows and the army charged forward.
Aranel was bumping into the guards of Rohan and her sword was hitting her heel. Through all this, she was laughing with delight. The armies of Middle-earth were headed to the great forest of Lothlorien where the great malorn trees grew. She could hardly keep up with her own mother, Eowyn. She was laughing and singing of the glory of Lorien.
Legolas rode forward without looking to either side. His eyes were looking straight ahead at his road. His road to Gondor. Where the elves would fight for the last time for Middle-earth. It was already the begining of the age of Men. All the elves had not yet left Middle-earth and this would be the end. After this upcoming last battle he would be crowned king of Mirkwood and Lothlorien. After that, he would lead the elves out of Middle-earth. Their time had come.

It was night when the army reached Lorien. Legolas dismounted. He began running through it. The army followed. They ran throught the great Marlorns with great speed. They passed under the great branches and as they went, all the elves that had been left there joined the already great army. The women and children that met them were placed in the middle of the army so that they would be defended by the outer soldiers.

The army made it out of Lorien without meeting any orcs and with great sorrow. For the elves knew that there time in Middle-earth had come. They finallay climbed a hill and were looking down upon Mirkwood. Legolas saw huge armies of Orcs, goblins, and trolls surrounding it. They were even greater than that of the War of the Rings. Legolas looked down the hill and raised his sword. The sun suddenly rose and he was seen by the orcs standing on the hill alone. They knew that the king of the elves had returned. The elven archers ran up next to him and bent their bows and waited for the command. Legolas called out in a loud voice, "Tangado haid! Leithio i philinn!" The elves let there arrows fly. The arrows landed wiping out one entire army of Trolls. Legolas then called up the elven swordsmen.

There swords began to swing upwards. The battle for Mirkwood had begun. Legolas ran into the hordes of orcs cutting down orc by orc. He swung at ones sword and knocked it out of his hand. He then stabbed it and killed it fast. He swung down and cleaved another's head. He fought like a king. None could withstand him. He cut down the entire Cursom Hersior, (The leaders of the orcs) He made it into Mirkwood first. He weilded his sword skillfully and majesticly.

He now fought in the woods he once knew. Down through the trees he went. He cut off an orcs head, twisted around and hewed a goblins arm. He looked up at trees and saw that goblins were coming out of two of them like little ants.

Legolas cried out and charged into the thickest part of the creatures. The creatures fell before him. He chopped down all two hundred of them while dodging orcish arrows. He turned to see a troll headed right for him. He pulled an elvish knife out and threw the blade into the creatures mouth and it cut it's throat. He looked down to see orc. He looked to the other side and saw the leader of the Greenwood invasion. He was an Uruck Hai from the War of the Ring. He was ten feet tall wearing black armour. He carried a long scimitar and a tall shield. He marched to Legolas grunting. Legolas drew back his sword and swung at the Uruck's head. He deflected the blow with a shield. Legolas then swung low and severed the foot. The orc fell. It then rose again and though it stood in one place, it fought vigourously. Legolas stabbed it many times. The orc finally cut into Legolas' side but did not cut very far. Legolas fell with a cry onto his knees panting. The orc looked down and raised his sword. Legolas took his chance and stabbed it with the elvish blade. The creature fell with a hideous cry. Legolas had won. He looked up and saw his army running towards him. They fought the rest of the orcs and drove them back out of the forest.
The battle was won.

To be continued.......
Written by Legolas: Danny

Monday, May 11, 2009

Chapter IX

Eruanna ran down the hill and looked at the country around her. It was nothing but rocks and plains. It was brown but slightly green. She knew what she saw beyond all this, Edoras. She was in Rohan.

"Rohan, where the guards stand and fight for what they hold dear, where freedom is fought for." said Eruanna remembering what her father Pippin had said. She began to run across the field as fast as she could. On account of the fact that she hadn't had a 'decent' breakfast, her feet began to ache after fifteen minutes of running.

She stopped and fell to her feet. "I can't do this Eruaphadion. I can't." She thought to herself. She then thought of the fact that all of Middle-earth was depending on her. She rose to her feet and stood erect. She then started to run. She ran over the grass as fast as her feet could carry her. Her feet were in a terrible condition. They were coated with blisters and were sore and she was barely able to pull them off the ground.

She finally could see the golden hall. She began to run again. She kept repeating to herself, "Edoras, Edoras, Edoras, Edoras." It soon became a running beat. She could hear her feet pounding on the grass and rocks. She then noticed that she heard footsteps. She thought to herself, "The Rohirrim!" she began to run to where she heard them. Her heart was not as heavy now. She then came around a rock so she could see the glorious sight. But, all she could see was a small patrol of Southrons.

She knew where they were headed, Edoras.

Their leader on an oliphaunt drew his sword and called out, "Catch her and bring her to Mordorias!" The southrons lowered their spears and charged. Eruanna knew not what to do. But she knew what would happen if Mordorias got the ring. She turned and ran. Suddenly, pain burst like a bomb in her mind. She fell to her feet with a crash. Her feet could hold out no longer. She had stepped and put all her wait on a pointed rock.

The Southrons grabbed her and in an instant she was unconscious.

"Bring her to Mordorias!" called the leader.

"But how do we know that she's the one?" asked on of the soldiers.

"Because she's a hobbit or halfling or whatever Mordorias called her." he replied.

"I say down with what Mordorias said," said the other, "He's just a mad old fool."

The leader, with one swift stroke, cut the head off the rebellious soldier. The body fell onto the sleeping hobbit. The water ration that the soldier had had on his back fell and splashed all over the place. The hobbit awoke with after all over her face. She pushed the body off of her and sat up. She found herself on an oliphaunt and headed towards Isengard. One of the guards next to her bent over and said, "Suilaid, Eruanna Took, Elen síla lumenn' omentielvo hebo estel eneth nîn Miluiel. I will protect you."

To be continued.....

Written by Legolas: Danny