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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chapter VIII

Legolas could only sit there with tears in his eyes. His good friend had fallen. She had now vanished from all of Middle-earth. What would he do? What could do? All was empty now... All was just- just- empty. Empty. What was he to fight for now. Where would he go? He couldn't fight knowing that t was for nothing. He had no friend by him, Aranel was only a person he had once met. He was alone, just alone. There was nothing. What should he do. What should he do? Could he go back to the shire? No. Mirkwood? No. But wait! There was an entire army depending on him- alone..... alone...... alone..... There was nothing. How? Where? He looked down at Yaviel's bloodstained face, she was gone. She had fallen? How!? Why?

He looked down at the face thinking what he should do. Suddenly, the angelic coughed up blood and opened it's eyes. He looked at the eyes and laughed. She sat up and looked at him. They only sat where they were and looked at echother with tears in their eyes.

"I'd thought I lost you!" said Legolas.

"I thought I had lost you!" replied the elven maiden. Legolas stood up and handed her a bow.

"It's yours."

"Thank you," she said.

Legolas helped her onto the white horse and just stared at her. She looked at him and said,

"Together to the end."

"Aye!" cried the elf. He swung himself onto the horse, raised his bow and called out,

"Herio!" The horse ran off to the army. And they were off to Mirkwood.

To be continued....
Written by Legolas: Danny

Who is who?

Ok, real quick. People are confused on who is who so I will tell you real quick.
1. Eruanna: Hannah or Lizzy
2. Legolas: (Actually the son of the Legolas from the Lord of the Rings Series) is Danny (my bro)
3. Yaviel is Teresa
4. Eruaphadion is Christopher (from CA)
5. Nebenon is Paul from Catholic Discussion or the forum
6. Aranel is Lanta or Sarah from the forum
7. Miluiel is Emmy
VIOLA! So, now you know who is who. Thank you very much and goodbye. Ya! It was nice to meet you, now go away. Ya. *blows rasberries*
Ok, sorry but that line just popped into my head. :P

Monday, April 27, 2009

Chapter VII

Eruanna stood up and saw Eruaphadion and Nibenon standing on either side of her with swords drawn and pointed to either side. She saw that all around her were all sorts of gnarled creatures. They were giantic! Some had horns in their heads and others had tusks. Some had clubs others had huge swords, whips, chains, and others had weapons which she had never seen before! Their faces were gnarled with warts coming out of them, some looked as if they had only skulls. They were monstrous. Their faces were deformed and twisted. Some had awkward mouths. Others had one eye and others had more than two! They were twisted and evil.
Eruaphadion and Nibenon suddenly turned and engaged in battle with a huge creature. It had a huge club. They stabbed at it and cut at it, but it stood their staring at Eruanna. It suddenly swung it's club and smote Eruaphadion and Nibenon to the ground. The creature looked down on her and raised it's club. She couldn't do anything. She could only watch. As it brought it down, Legolas jumped in the way and shot it in the mouth. It fell at his feet. But he was struck by a creature and he fell.
All of a sudden, the creatures disappeared and she was alone. She looked around and saw on one side of her a green country with Pippin sitting in a garden. She looked to another side and saw a horse and a man standing side by side. She looked to another side and saw the creatures standing together and in front of them was a pillar with chains attached to it and six whips lined on a table. They were very cruel whips. Some were on fire and others were just whips with huge spikes. She then saw a figure of Gandalf walk forward with Frodo and Aragorn. They all picked up two whips and they crossed them across there chests. Frodo took the other four from Gandalf and Aragorn and walked to Eruanna. He then held them down for her to look at. Gandalf then said in a loud voice which was not his own,
"Eruanna Took, I have fallen at the Shire by the hands of an orc. I now ask you and beg you to accept the sufferings offered to you for the sake of all Middle-earth. But you must bear them alone. The others can not help you. They will fall. We are in your hands"
They then disappeared and the whips were now in the hands of some shorter creatures who were standing around the pillar. The decision was now hers. She stepped forward to the pillar without any resistance. Her decision was made. When she came to the pillar the creatures turned and fled. She then suddenly found herself chained to the pillar. One creature was left. He was holding all six of the whips in his huge hand. He pulled them back and swung forward. But before he could lash her, she jerked herself out of her bed, awoke, and the dream vanished.
She was breathing hard. She climbed out of her blanket and stood. She realized what it meant. Se was to go alone. She turned buckled the sword on her thin waist. She pulled the elven mail onto her and put the rings around her head.
She ran a few steps and then heard Nibenon's voice.
"Eruann! Where are you? I guess she went hunting with Eruaphadion."
She brethed a sigh of relief. She then began to run. When she had gone a few feet, her cape got stuck onto a branch. She tugged and tugged but it was stuck. She then pulled her sword out and cut the branch. She fell onto the ground.
"Eruanna!" said a familiar voice. She wheeled around and saw Eruaphadion. He helped her up and looked her in her eyes and stood.
"I have to leave!" she said to him.
"What?" he replied.
"I had a dream," she said like a scared child at night. "Creatures were trying to ht me, hurt me!" At this she began to shiver. Eruaphadion knelt down and looked at the ground. He then looked up and said,
"I had the same dream about you."
"You have?"
Eruanna hesitated to ask him if he knew what it meant. She knew that he must so just to find out she said,
"Do you know what it means?"
"I do."
They looked in each others eyes with sadness and pity. In the past week, or days, or however long it had been, they had become good friends. They loved each other as brother and sister.
"I have to get out, I have- to- I have to leave, I have to go."
"Then go."
Eruanna burst out in tears and brought her face to Eruaphadion's shoulder and cried there. He pushed her back and said,
"You must be strong. Now go. Go. And don't look back, don't look back," he said.
Eruanna then turned with much pain and sorrow and began to run. The old half elf just watched her with hot tears in his eyes. When the hobbit had gone some feet and had reached the other side of Orthanc she turned and raised her sword. It shined in the light and was a goodbye to her good friend who she would most likely never see again. Part three had began.

To be continued.......
Written by Legolas:Danny

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chapter VI

The army marched slowly, but all was glorious. The flags and banners of the five different countries were fluttering in the air. The front of the army was the cavalry, the second group was the foot soldiers, and the third group was the war machines. The men were blowing trumpets and horns and others were calling out war cries. All was glorious.
Eowyn, Aranel, Eomer, Rimedur, Dain, and Manwe were leading with Legolas in front of them. He was leading this massive army into the full scale war against Mordorias. They hoped that Eruanna was at Gondor, for if she did not reach Minas Tirith by the time they reached it, all would be lost. Also, they depended upon Minas Tirith holding Osgiliath or at the least Minas Tirith. They were now draing near to Lothlorien.
"Beware!" called on of the elven marshals. "Here is where the orcs have ambushed us of late."
Legolas knew what that meant. If here is a camp for orcs, then Yaviel must have been dragged here. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by an orc jumping down at him from a hill. He quickly shot it down and they rode on. The came to the hill and there at the foot of the hill was the army of orcs.

Legolas rose his bow and called out, "Forth Elves of Lorien!" And all of a sudden there were similar cries,
"Forth Eorlingas!"
"For Gil-galad!"
"Forward axes of Dain!"
"Forth elves of the sea!"
All of a sudden the armies charged with Legolas in the lead. The elves let their arrows fly! They came down and a quarter of the army fell. Then the Riders of rohan and of the sea elves struck the army. Aranel weilded her sword with strength and power. She cut them down with no mercy. She was just ike her mother, Eowyn of Rohan. Eowyn was instead, running her spear through the host of orcs. Eomer was swinging his sword with such skill that no orc was in his path when he approached. Manwe drew his long elven sword and was cutting down orcs slowly, but with skill. He prefered to show the enemy his twists and fancy moves so that he would put fear in their hearts and they would beware of the Sea Eleves.

Then the dwarves struck the enemy. Aranel rode all the way through the battle lines. She looked back and saw orcs falling but no people killing them. She then understood. The dwarvses were there. Dain and his axe were the mightiest weapon on the battle field. By the time they had seen the orc his axe was in his hand.

Then came Lorien. Legolas was shooting down orc by orc. He shot two down, then used the tips of his recurve bow to cut a slit in an orcs chest. He used a bow even better than his father. The High elves were also with him. Rimedur drew his sword and when he drew it he cut an orc down. He cut another, then another, then another. He was faster than lightning.

By the time Legolas had stabbed two orcs, the orcs began to retreat into Lorien. The elves knew that they would only defile the place that Galdriel used to walk. The pointed there arrows in the air and they wiped out the remaining orcs. Legolas killed another orc, looked up and saw an orc on a horse riding into Lorien with a elven maiden tied to the horse. It was Yaviel. He rode after the rogue. The horse that the orc had stolen was speedy but not speedy enough. Legolas was catching up.

Leaves and branches were striking his face but he kept on riding. He rode well. He had been trained by his father. He was catching up quickly. Finally, with scratches from the branches on his face, he dismounted. The orc had climbed off his horse and drew it's sword. Legolas dropped his bow and drew an elven sword. It was almost an equal match. But Legolas did an er cut and slit the orcs face.

The elf pulled the elven maiden off the horse and her eyes were closed and she was pale with some blood on her forehead. Legolas fell to his knees and looked down at her.
"I was too late," he said to himself. He looked down at the dead looking face and all he could do was look at her. He could say nothing. All seemed dark. The shadow had come to his heart and pierced it. All was quiet.......quiet........quiet.........

To be continued.....
Written by Legolas: Danny

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chapter V

Nibenon sprang forward and cut down the gohsts. He then turned to Mordorias and swung at him. The old man sprang back and disapeared. The three people turned to the left and suddenly, twenty orcs jumped out at them. Nibenon cut one down, turned to Eruaphadion and Eruanna and said,


The hobbit and man turned and ran. Nibenon cut off an orcs legs, and then cut off the head of an orc. He turned and then brought his sword down onto an orcs head. The orc fell with a crash. He jumped behinfd him onto a rock.

An orc thrust a spear at Nibenon, but he grabbed it and stabbed him back with it. The other orcs came running at him but he grabbed out a bow and began to take them down one by one.

When all were dead, he turned and ran back to Eruanna and Eruaphadion and ran to them. They were completely out of breath and were leaning on trees panting. They finally could breath normally and they turned to Nibenon and spoke.

"Who is Mordorias?" asked Eruanna.

"He is an evil wizard. He has found a ring of power and went mad." he replied, "he fled to Mordor where it corrupted his mind. He finally allied with Orcs and marched on Osgiliath and other countries. My father, Faramir, is dead because of him. I vow that he will not do any more murders than nescary. I hate him not, but I want to help the wolrd rid ourselves of him."

"Your Father is Faramir of Gondor!?" exclaimed Eruanna.

"Yes." replied Nibenon

"Then you know me!" said Erunna.

"Do I?" He replied.

"Yes! I am Eruanna Took."

Nibenon stood and drew his sword.

"Aye," he said, "I know you."

"What is it?" said Eruaphadion looking at the human with the drawn sword and the hobbit o the ground smiling brightly.

"Two years ago she shot me in the arm while I was in battle. I almost fell into the hands of Mordorias." said Nibenon.

Eruaphadion burst out laughing but stoped and put his hand on his mouth.

"Well finish your vow and cleve my head in two." said the hobbit.

Nibenon twisted the sword in his hand and put it into his sheath.

"I will not strike a woman."

"I knew you would listen to reason." said the Hobbit.

The three companions now set out again and finally made there way through the forest and were now close to Isengard. They were riding hard. The horses were panting and the riders were tired. They stopped and threw off some things they did not need to speed up the trip and set off again.

They finally looked down the hill at sundown and there was Orthanc standing tall and proud. They decided that they would walk to the tower in the morning.

To be continued......

Written by Legolas: Danny

Monday, April 20, 2009

Chapter IV

Legolas woke up the next morning by a smell. He turned over and saw Yaviel cooking by a fire. She looked, to Legolas, as if she was hiding a mystery but wanted to tell him. She then looked at him and said in a complaining,
"Well, I see you decided to murder mother nature with your presence."
Legolas turned over to make his bed and muttered to himself, "If she could shut her gobb for a few seconds I could ask her what she was cooking and, not to mention, complement her on making her first good meal in her life."
"Come on. I brought along with myself some stuff for making lembas bread," she said.
"Lembas bread!" whispered Legolas but then in a loud voice said, "Why didn't you even say that you brought that stuff!"
"You didn't ask." she replied as she threw him some of the elvish bread.
He started to eat it and, to his surprise, she actually did something right for once in her life.
"I must say," he said, "I am in awe that I am actually eating something you cooked that isn't poisoned and isn't burnt."
"You take that back Legolas Greenleaf!" she said standing and drawing her sword.
"Why?" He replied, "anything of yours I have ever eaten was burnt."
"Like what?"
"Like the cram you once gave me."
"Well I was-"
"And the meat that you once gave me,"
"Then I was-"
"Not to mention the fried fish."
"You misjudge me Legolas! I was younger than."
"Of all the stupidest-" she said but was cut off.
"Time to move." said the other.
They went off marching to their destenation.
"This is awkward." said Legolas.
"What?" asked the Elvenmaiden.
"This is a footprint." said Legolas.
"Your right!" she said after examining it, "Anf there are alot more ahead!"
"And what about it!?" said a deep voice behind them. They turned around to see three dwarves on top of eagles. Two of them had axes and the third had a bow. Obviously the leader.
"Who are you two?" said the dwarf.
"We are two elves on the way to Mirkwood or Greenwood as it is now being called," said Legolas.
"So are we." said the dwarf, "But why are you here?"
"We are at this moment going there to help them." said Legolas.
"What could two elves do to help Greenwood against the millions of orcs?" said the dwarf.
"These could." said Legolas holding out the seven dwarf rings.
"How?" asked the dwarf.
"Now what have you to say Dwarf." said Yaviel.
"I say that your coming to our king, Dain." said the Dwarf.
The dwarves helped the elves onto the eagles and flew off.
"Oh and by the way good sir," said Yaviel.
"It's madam elf." said the dwarf.
Yaviel was shocked. "Oh- well- your axe is falling off madam." she said. The dwarf woman bent down and brought up the axe.
"Thanks." she replied to Yaviel.
They landed and came to Dain. The two elves told the king why they were there and showed him the rings. He graciously took them and bowed low before the elves.
"I thank you." He said, "You have our leave to go."
The two elves left and started again on their journey. They were now walking through a forest on the way to Rivendell.
"That was easy." said Yaviel, "All we had to do was deliver the rings to Dain."
Then suddenly there was something moving in the bushes.They looked aroung but could see no one.
"Yaviel!" said Legolas suddely.
"What?" said Yviel facing him.
"Behind you!" he said.
She turned around and saw five orcs jump out and grab her. They tied her hands and started draging away.
"Legolas!" she shrieked as they dragged her away.
After he gathered his mind he ran after her with sword drawn.
"Yaviel!" he called as he cut the bushes in front of him. He looked around him but could see no sign of her
"Need some help?" said a voice. He turned and saw a human on a horse holding her hand down for him to grab.
"Aranel!" said Legolas.
"Take the hand elf." she replied to the elf.
He grabbed the hand and swung onto the horse and they went dashing off towards Rivendell to get help to rescue Yaviel.

They rode for an hour and arrived at Rivendell. It was standing tall and proud. There on the top of it was the new leader of Rivendell, Rimedur. He was standing at the top waiting for the Return of Aranel. With him was standing her mother, Eowyn of Rohan and Gondor. Her husband Faramir had been killed by Orcs and Eowyn, Aranel, and Nibenon, Aranel's brother had fled to Rivendell to ask the help and advice of Rimedur.

They were led to the place where the Counsel of Elrond once took place. When they entered they found Dain of the dwarves, Eowyn of Rohan, Rimedur, the King of the Sea elves Manwe, Eomer of Rohan, and some of the elves of Lorien.

"Legolas of Greenwood!" called the guard that escorted them there. The people rose and bowed before him. Rimedur rose and led him to the center of the room.

"Speak of the matter at hand." he said to Legolas.

Legolas spoke.
"The orcs, trolls and Goblins are invading every country." He said, "Every country has anarmy to deal with. The Shire, Greenwood, Gondor, Rohan, and many others. We must take a stand or all will be lost forever." As he finished he went and sat in a seat beside the Sea elves.
Rimedur then stood and spoke.
"I have all my people armed and on the march to Gondor. I would be honored if the dwarves me."
All the people started arguing. The people of Rohan wanted to march to Rohan, The people of Lorien wanted to march on Mordor, the sea elves insisted that Mirkwood be helped first as did the dwarves. In an hour they came up with no sollution. All held there opinions more important than the others.
Finally it came to fights. Dain fumped forward at Eomer with axe in hand and Eomer, Eowyn, and Aranel drew there swords and a duel started. The sea elves drew there swords and began to fight with the with the elves of Lorien. Rimedur started trying to make peace between them and Legolas sat in his seat thinking. Finally he stood and said,
"We must march to Greenwood."
The people turned to him in awe. He told them of the rings immediatley and they agreed. So the next morning the five peoples marched out of Rivendell fully armed. They set out for Greenwood.

To be continued.....
Legolas: Danny

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chapter III

Eruanna was riding with Eruapadion through a large valley. They had been riding all day, and, to the small and imature mind f Eruanna, for two days. She was hungry. She was deathly hungry. And she decided it was time to stop. She jumped off the horse leaving Eruaphadion alone on a galloping horse. The half elf turned and rode to her.

"We are stopping here and we are going to eat lunch." she declared firmlyas she did every. day.
"We are riding on until the real lunch time." came his usual reply.
"No!" came the usual response with the stomping of her left foot.
"Yes." came his usual answer with the jerking of the small hobbit onto the horse.

They rode on until the "real lunch time" which began an hour late according to Eruanna. Of course it was because he was use to finishing of a trail before relaxing. They sat down and began.
Eruaphadion pulled out some cram and gve it to Eruanna. She looked at it and in her usual tone of voice said,
"Cram! Anything else?" she said this and devoured it. He in reply through her an apple. She, in turn, threw in in the air and sut in two for she "needed practice" as she claimed even though she had done it since they first started on their journey. She devoured that and, as usual, claimed he had more than she. He in turn threw her his apple. Then, they rode on.

They rode out of the forest and into a field and into another forest. They went in fourteen yards and were than so surrounded by thorns that they stopped and drew their swords.
"Drethion (The name for her sword) for Eruanna!" she called and began to cut down the thorns.
The thorns on the bushes were at least two inches thick.
"Why are they attacking us so vigorously?" Eruaphadion said to himself. For the more they went in and the ore they cut that was doubled by fifty more bushes.

Suddenly they could not cut anymore. The bushes were as thick as young trees. They had to stop.
"What are we going to do?" asked Eruanna.
"Go around it." said Eruaphadion.
"What? We can't! The forest is too wide! And we have to get to Gondor!"
"If I let you through my plans will be ruined." said a voice. They instantly were thrown to the ground. They looked up and saw a man in a grey coat in front of them with a knarled fac. They looked and knew he was a great man.
"Many years ago, Saruman the White united himself to Sauron." said the man. "All his plans were ruined by a certain hobbit Frodo Baggins. Who took the One Ring to Mordor accompanied by Samwise Gamgee. And aiding Gondor and Rohan were Gandalf the White, Aragorn, Legolas Greenleaf, Gimli Elf-friend, Meriadoc Brandybuck, and Peregrine Took. They travelled from The shire, to Bree, from Bree to Weathertop, from Weathertop to Rivendell, from Rivendell to Moria, from Moria to Lorien where they met Haldir, the worst of all. From there they went to the river of Anduin where they were split. Frodo went from Anduin to Emen Muil, From Emen Muil to Dagorland, from Dagorland to Barad-dur and from their, to Orodruin. There is much more to tell. But I will not delve into it."
"Your sources are correct. What does that have to do with us." said Eruanna.
"Revenge has started. I, Mordorias, has come to finish all those who even had part in his mission." Said the man.
"How do you know the story so well?" asked Eruanna.
"I was there. I followed him even to Mount Doom. I was invisible. Wearing this ring." With this he held out his hand. On it was a ring. "This was forged in the deeps of time. It was lost in a crack in a rock under the earth. I was captured by goblins and forced to work. I worked little but buried myself under the earth. I wicshed my life to end. I was there only a little. I turned and saw the brightest of lights. I dug. I came to it and found it. It was the ring. I put in on and it seemed as if I knew everything. I knew for one that a small hobbit was in a cave with the ceature, Gollum. I found him and then I followed every move for I knew he held the One Ring. Afterwards I followed every owner that ever carried it. When it was destroyed I fled. My ring lost most power. I was visible. Until I have killed off all people who even knew Frodo or his companions and gotten at least one of the elven rings that the son of Legolas guards, for I know he has them, my ring will be next to nothing." he said.
"I know him. And I know almost every member of the Fellowship of the ring." Said Eruanna drawing her sword and Eruaphadion did the same. "I also carry these." She said and held up the elven rings.

The man jumped in the air and swung downward with his staff. He hit the ground and all lit up. The bushes caught on fire (For he was the one who had caused them to grow) and they were surrounded by wraiths or ghosts. They started to march towards the two companions. The man laughed. Out of nowhere came another voice.
"Why may I ask do you trouble to resist me, Mordorias?" it said. Out of the fire jumped a human. In his hand was a sword. It held the sign of Gondor.
"Nibenon!" said Eruaphadion.

To be continued.....
Written by Danny: Legolas