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Friday, April 9, 2010

Roll 'em!

Quiet on set! Quiet! This is a take! Action! Roll 'em!

Lenclin: Well your finally up. Make a fire.

Cut! Re-film!

Lenclin: Well your finally up. Make a fire.

Cut! Check the gate! Well it's alright.


Macar: Where are you going?

Cut! Check the gate. Fine. Next scene.


Lenclin: I'm going hunting!

Cut! Re-film! Not good enough.

Lenclin: I'm going hunting.

Oops! Cut! I accidently zoomed in instead of out. Re-film.

Lenclin: I'm going hunting.

Cut! Print! Brilliant!

Many of you can already guess what this means. I am going back to work for Lord and Lady Production on The Crusaders Tale. The scene up above was filmed yesterday. We looked at it again yesterday and decided it needed to be re-filmed completely. So, tomorrow, we film.

~The Scarlet Pimpernel

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JT, King Valun , and the Phantom said...

Awesome! This film, and then Five Captains for a Nation (My new title for Raiders)Yahoo! This nonsensical blog is actually worth checking these days! Roll on!