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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Celtic Clips

Aye! Tis time for more Celtic Clips from one of my all time favorite movie:
Now, there is no one getting killed in any of these videos! In the second one William Wallace has a bit of blood on his sword and there's a burning town behind him but nothing more.

Gift of a Thistle

The Legend Spreads/Highlander

The climax scene after Wallace's execution


JT, King Valun , and the Phantom said...

The first and the third are to of my favorite parts. The second one is an awesome shot and awesome music.

Saxon said...

I think the third was the best. Guess what? My second name is Wallace!! Do you think you could put some on with no real violence but with fighting?
P.S. Whose the kid in the first one?

The Scarlet Pimpernel said...

I'am afraid that in Braveheart, to make a Bravrheart Video without violence. That's like trying to eat without opening your mouth. And the situation you will have to watch when you get old enough, but the character is Murron, his to-be wife.