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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chapter VII (read this 11th)

The scene opens with Legolaus waling with his bow and arrow and Eraunna and Yaviel walking beside him.
Yaviel: "Why are you carrying your bow that way?"
Legolas: Rrrrr. Because I want to.
Yaviel: You know your boots are muddy to....and your hairs a mess.
Legals: I DON'T CARE.
Yaviel: 'course you don't. You're a messy and weird elf after all.
Legolas: Would you be quiet!
Yaviel: I don't feel like it. Besides your to picky and used to being by yourself.
Legolas: I'm never alone!!! Not with YOU around to bug me!
Yaviel: Ya whatever. You know....
Legolaus: I don't WANT TO KNOW!!!!
Yaviel: So what? I didn't ask you. You know what your problem is? Everyone always listens to you. They're always at your beck and call! Terrible. Bad for moral. Especially for a touchy prince like you.
Legolaus: RRRR! *puts a arrow in bow and turns around to shoot her* AHHHH......Where did she go?!
Eraunna: *leaning against a tree and sighs and shakes head*
Legolas: What?!
Yavil: *pops up from underneath him and her hand is right by his bow*
*Yaviel grabs his arrow with her hands* Now then. now then! Tsk, tsk! Naughty elf. Gee. *grabs his arrow and twirls around as she puts her hand on her hip and walks around*
Yaviel: Such a touchy elf. Well, don't worry legolas. I won't ever, EVER listen to you. That will help you be so much more humble!
Legolaus: WOULD YOU *puts bow string around her neck* WOULD YOU SHUT....
Eruanna: Would you two quit playing around and start walking?
Yaviel: *ducks and pops out from her captor* Well, time to go Lego. Come on. Put that arrow away while your at it too.

.........................to be continued!
Written by Hannah!!! Corrected by me, Legolas: Danny

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