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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chapter VII continued

Legolas turns and they start walking down the road.
Legolas started a song. "The road goes ever on and on down from the door where it began, I'll follow if I can. Yes, I must follow if I can."

They came to a bridge. Legolas turned to the side and saw something strange. It looked like a horse, wait no it was a tree, no, it had a head of a horse, what was that thing? He put an arrow on the string and drew it back to his ear.
"What is it you old grump?" said the elven maiden.
Legolas was aout to answer when out of the bushes came a black horse and a southron riding on it. He stopped for a second, turned to the forest, drew a sword, and called, "Charge!" With this he came forward. Behind him came, to Eruanna's eyes, thousands of Wargs and goblins. Realy there were fifty.

Legolas let the arrow fly. It struck a warg's leg. The warg triped and tripped three more with his fall. Yaviel put an arrow on string and after four arrows four came down. Eruanna drew a sword and ran at them. She stopped and a warg was running towards her. She jumped to the side and killed the goblin and sprang onto the warg and stabbed the head. As it fell she slid off the mouth onto the floor. She turned and did the same with the next three. On the fourth one, she did the same up to the part of sliding off. Her sword was stuck in the thick scull. She tried to pull it out but was flung forward a few feet.

When she looked up she was surrounded by wargs. She looked for the sword but it was out of Grasp. A warg rider started to aproach. She fell to the floor and suddenly the warg was shot by one of Yaviel's arrows.
"Run!" Yaviel called to her. Eruanna ran and came to the bridge.
"We're on the border," called Legolas, "of hobbit territory and orc and goblin territory.
"Let's kill 'em!" said Eruanna.

"No! Run!" said Legolas.

They started running and they came to a forest.
To be continued.......
Written by Legolas: Danny

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