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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chapter I of Book Two: The War of the Seven Rings

As Eruaphadion rode with Eraunna in front of him, he was forced to let his horse have his head as he road through the forest with branches swinging and slashing at his helmeted head and face. Eruanna in front of him, struggled to stay on the horse and duck as the branches swung at her head; she was thankful for Eruaphadion in back of her, which helped to block swinging branches, but did not catch all of them. Her eyes were blurred with hot, salty tears which over flowed and streamed down her cheeks, streaking through the dirt and grime on her face from battle.
Inside, she was tormented at having to leave her friend Legolas, whom she loved dearly as a brother. "I had to," She told herself sorrowfully as she wiped her sleeve on her face to rid the tears in her hot, flushed face, "I cannot carry the rings with him along. I had to go! May he be safe....I hope I see him again. I will see him again! I will! But first....to Gondor! Just remember that Eraunna! TO GONDOR!" She repeated to herself, with fierce Hobbit determination, as she ducked a branch and urged the horse on faster.
The horse ran and ran further, and further into the green, whispery forest. Eruanna and Eurauphadion had been riding for 4 hours on the speeding horse. "EURAUPHADION!" she yelled to him above the din of the horses feet, "LET'S STOP! There's a stream up ahead!"
"Alright." He yelled back to the young hobbit girl. He admired her greatly, especially her courage and determination, but wondered at her knowledge of things since she had admitted she had never left the Shire. As they stopped there sweating, panting horse, Eurauphadion asked the girl as she bent and washed her face and hands in the cool stream,
"How did you know this was here? You even admitted to me that you had never left your home, the Shire. How did you know this stream would be here! I saw you purposely head this way, I'm sure when I was on the horse."
Euranna smiled and stopped washing for a moment.
"That's true," she replied quietly, "I did turn the horse, and I did know this would be here." Finished washing, she picked up her armor and while buckling her sword to her slim waist as she walked to the now refreshed horse she replied,

"Because I studied and memorized the maps of my father for years and also studied them right before we left....." She then slung her armor onto the horse and turned to Eurauphadion and said smartly but with a smile, "Just like you should have done."

Eruaphadion turned to her back with equal smartness and replied,
"I would have if I known that I was to lead a small hopeless hobbit-"

Eruanna swiftly pulled out her sword and faced him with hot anger,
"SMALL, HOPELESS, hobbit is it? Pull out your sword elf-human, or you hopeless lost human-elf, and we'll see who is so hopeless."

Eruaphadion drew his long sword, "If you insist."

Eruanna, smiled and with two deft swings he and his sword were knocked to the ground with a hobbit leaning over him and sword at his throat.

"Don't worry. I'll remind you to study the map..." and then she jumped onto the horse and as she put away the sword she added, "oh yes. And don't forget some fencing lessons as well."

Eruaphadion, smiled and got up and then leaped behind the hobbit. "Don't worry my young Friend, I won't doubt or test your strength with the sword again...just your height." Eruanna laughed as she urged the horse forward and they sped off again, happy yet sad as she moved towards their doom.

To be continued.................................
by H. E. M. (my name is "aHEM." "aHem?" "Yes what do you want? lol!")

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