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Monday, March 9, 2009

Chapter IX

Legolas was lying in bed thinking who to send. Yaviel? No, as much as he would like to get her away from him no. He knew that she could not withstand the hosts and hosts and hosts of orcs which are near Greenwood. Eruaphadion! Perfect! He was strong! But then again, he was half human, and he would not send a human with rings of power. But he had carried the other four this far, no. Legolas could not risk the future of middle-earth. Eruanna he would not consider. She was too small. She was too weak. She may have been trained by Pippin but Pippin wasn't the best either. And Legolas would not ask her to throw her life away.

He woke up the next morning to Yaviel's face.
"Get up! Wargs!" She said. He jumped up and the other two were standing side by side. Eruaphadion with a broadsword in his right hand

and he now had the cloak he was wearing off of him and was wearing mail and a helm upon his head. Yaviel and Legolas put arrows on their strings and drew it back to their ears.
"No!" cried Legolas. "This will only get us killed! We need to get the rings out now or it will never be done!"
"Who then?" said Yaviel.
"Me." said Legolas.
"What!" called Yaviel.
"Eruaphadion is part human and I will never send a human with rings of power!" said Legolas.
"He's right!" said Eruaphadion.
"And your a girl." said Legolas
"What!" said Yaviel, "Then Eruanna! Not you! Your too important to be lost!"
"No!" said Legolas.
"Yes! It's the only way!" said Eruanna.
"I won't let you throw your life away!" said Legolas.
"It's my life," said Eruanna. "and if I choose to give it for middle-earth, so be it. And it's not for you to decide! All we can do is decide what to do with the time given us."
"But you are not chosen!" said Legolas.
"Eruaphadion will accompany me. Eruaphadion, put me on the horse and ride behind me." she said.
"No!" called Legolas with tears in his eyes. He tried to catch her but was held back by Yaviel. "I won't let you kill yourself!"
She was on the horse and she rode off with Eruaphadion. Legolas watched her until she was out of sight. He then turned with Yaviel and they started taking down wargs one by one. After five minutes they had fifty seven on the ground. The wargs stopped short turned and retreated.

Legolas turned and sat down with Yaviel.

"Why," said Legolas, "did you hold me back?"

"For the sake of yourself." she replied.

"What?" said Legolas.

"If I had let you go you would have suffered the fate of Frodo Baggins." said Yaviel.

"But you are always teasing me and pushing me around." said Legolas

"I at least know that if you die," she continued, "all elves would die."

"Are you refering to the fact that I am King?" asked Legolas.

"Yes," replied the elven-maiden. "Come on grumpy Let's move."

So they rose and started on a journey which they did not know would be the most extraordinary and magnificent next to the War of the Ring.

~So ends book one of The Adventure Continued, The Three Rings~

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