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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cahpter Two

Legolas was running over a hill with delight in his eyes. He turned around and smiled.
"Hurry!" he said, "You really don't run like an elf."
He turned and dashed off over a hill.
"Come on!" he said again, "We have only climbed the very heights of this hill and your already tred! Fine elf you are!" He turned and dashed off.
Up the hill came a girl elf panting.
"Hold....stop......hold it you two faced, too tall, too fast, too stupid, too skinny, too orcish, half dwarvish, part elvish ring bearer!" said Yaviel.
Legolas laughed and said, "Listening to you I'd think you were my distant cousin!"
"Because you don't know me!" with this he laughed and dashed off.
"Oh, poo!" she replied and she went on walking down the hill.
Yaviel was running behind him as fast as she could could go.

They ran down the hill and they saw Bree.
"We're not going to to stop here daughter of Haldir." said Legolas
"Why not?" She asked.
"In case of spies." he replied.

Legolas and Yaviel quarreled like two good freinds for an hour or so and then decided to rest where they were so they sat down and started talking around a fire.
"My father was so proud of me when I told him that I would take the rings to middle-earth to protect them." said Legolas.
"You love your father Legolas don't you?" said Yaviel.
"Very much." Said Legolas. He looked at Yaviel and she was eating an apple with a face that showed she was hiding something.
"What are you hiding?" said Legolas.
Yaviel gave an answer quick and sharp. "Nothing! Nothing!" with this she rose and walked a few paces.
"What is it?" asked Legolas.
"Nothing I said."
Legolas thought for a moment and went back to eating.

To be continued......
Written by Legolas: Danny

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