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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chapter VIII

They were running on the road as fast as their elven (Not to mention hobbit) feet could. Though, as I have said they were running as fast as they could, the wargs caught up. Of course they were now shorter than they use to be. Legolas shot two more arrows, but the more he killed, the more they kept coming. Legolas knew their was only one more thing to do, he shot a rider and jumped onto the warg. Before he could grab up Yaviel and Eruanna, he felt someone hit him over the head and he went roling onto the floor.

A goblin rose a spear but was stabbed from behind. He looked up and saw the southron throw off the mask and rode to Legolas and at the same time he was killing Wargs and Goblins.

"Jump on!" said the rider obviously a man of Gondor. Legolas grabbed Eruanna and put her onto the horse. The horse turned and rode off with Yaviel and Legolas running behind.

They came to a river. It was the Brandywine. Eruanna hopped off the horse with Legolas' help and watered the horse as if nothing in the world had happened. The man came and sat down with the elves. When they had regained their strength they began to talk.

"My name is Eruaphadion," said the man.

"An elven name and a human face?" said Yaviel.

"Yes," said Eruaphadion, "I'm half elf."

"Is something wrong?" asked Yaviel.

"No," said Eruaphadion, "Worried." With this he pulled out a map. "In the shire wargs, orcs, and goblins, are closing in. In Greenwood Southrons are closing in. In Gondor Orcs of the mountains are marching to Osgiliath. In Rohan trolls and Southrons have captured Orthanc. And Lorien and The Misty Montains have sent dwarfs and elves to ally with Greenwood. There is little chance of surviving this offensive."

"This is worse than the War of the Ring and the Battle of Five Armies." said Yaviel.

"Much worse. We will need all," said Legolas.

"All!" said Eruaphadion, "You speak as if you could leave and bring them all together!"

"And I can," said Legolas rising. He looked tall and proud as a king who has returned. He reached out his right hand. The sun suddely came behind his hand and his clothing turned like a white robe. On his hand their were three rings.

Eruaphadion rose and thrust out his right hand. The same happened and on his hand were four more rings.

"Behold!" said Yaviel. "The elven and dwarfish rings!"

"So," said Legolas, "We have all of them."

"Yes. And they must be distributed to stop this catastrophe or all will collapse." said Eruaphadion.

"How! I am the heir to the thrown of Greenwood and if I go there I can unite the three armies, and drive the Southrons back to Mordor and than the armies of the free people of Middle-earth can fight and destroy the power of Evil!"

"It is possible," said Eruaphadion, "And you could deliver the four dwarvish rings to the dwarves."

"But who will deliver the rings to the elves? He cannot bear four rings! He will be chased endlessly and definently fail!" said Yaviel.

"Another must travel to Gondor and wait for the elves." said Eruaphadion.

"Let's sleep and decide in the morning," said Legolas.

"Very well." said Yaviel.

They called Eruanna and they slept.

To be continued......
Written by Legolas: Danny


Anonymous said...

HI! I'm following your blog now! :)
It's awesome!!
Love the background picture!!

Lady Hannah said...

HAHA! Thanks! I'm supposed to represent Earuanna. That's my anme in Elvish and my character is Pip and Merry. My favorite is Pip. Thanks for following!

Lady Hannah said...

This is Legolas! Just remember to read it from the bottum on up! Q mah rammah stah!