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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chapter V

Nibenon sprang forward and cut down the gohsts. He then turned to Mordorias and swung at him. The old man sprang back and disapeared. The three people turned to the left and suddenly, twenty orcs jumped out at them. Nibenon cut one down, turned to Eruaphadion and Eruanna and said,


The hobbit and man turned and ran. Nibenon cut off an orcs legs, and then cut off the head of an orc. He turned and then brought his sword down onto an orcs head. The orc fell with a crash. He jumped behinfd him onto a rock.

An orc thrust a spear at Nibenon, but he grabbed it and stabbed him back with it. The other orcs came running at him but he grabbed out a bow and began to take them down one by one.

When all were dead, he turned and ran back to Eruanna and Eruaphadion and ran to them. They were completely out of breath and were leaning on trees panting. They finally could breath normally and they turned to Nibenon and spoke.

"Who is Mordorias?" asked Eruanna.

"He is an evil wizard. He has found a ring of power and went mad." he replied, "he fled to Mordor where it corrupted his mind. He finally allied with Orcs and marched on Osgiliath and other countries. My father, Faramir, is dead because of him. I vow that he will not do any more murders than nescary. I hate him not, but I want to help the wolrd rid ourselves of him."

"Your Father is Faramir of Gondor!?" exclaimed Eruanna.

"Yes." replied Nibenon

"Then you know me!" said Erunna.

"Do I?" He replied.

"Yes! I am Eruanna Took."

Nibenon stood and drew his sword.

"Aye," he said, "I know you."

"What is it?" said Eruaphadion looking at the human with the drawn sword and the hobbit o the ground smiling brightly.

"Two years ago she shot me in the arm while I was in battle. I almost fell into the hands of Mordorias." said Nibenon.

Eruaphadion burst out laughing but stoped and put his hand on his mouth.

"Well finish your vow and cleve my head in two." said the hobbit.

Nibenon twisted the sword in his hand and put it into his sheath.

"I will not strike a woman."

"I knew you would listen to reason." said the Hobbit.

The three companions now set out again and finally made there way through the forest and were now close to Isengard. They were riding hard. The horses were panting and the riders were tired. They stopped and threw off some things they did not need to speed up the trip and set off again.

They finally looked down the hill at sundown and there was Orthanc standing tall and proud. They decided that they would walk to the tower in the morning.

To be continued......

Written by Legolas: Danny

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