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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chapter VI

The army marched slowly, but all was glorious. The flags and banners of the five different countries were fluttering in the air. The front of the army was the cavalry, the second group was the foot soldiers, and the third group was the war machines. The men were blowing trumpets and horns and others were calling out war cries. All was glorious.
Eowyn, Aranel, Eomer, Rimedur, Dain, and Manwe were leading with Legolas in front of them. He was leading this massive army into the full scale war against Mordorias. They hoped that Eruanna was at Gondor, for if she did not reach Minas Tirith by the time they reached it, all would be lost. Also, they depended upon Minas Tirith holding Osgiliath or at the least Minas Tirith. They were now draing near to Lothlorien.
"Beware!" called on of the elven marshals. "Here is where the orcs have ambushed us of late."
Legolas knew what that meant. If here is a camp for orcs, then Yaviel must have been dragged here. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by an orc jumping down at him from a hill. He quickly shot it down and they rode on. The came to the hill and there at the foot of the hill was the army of orcs.

Legolas rose his bow and called out, "Forth Elves of Lorien!" And all of a sudden there were similar cries,
"Forth Eorlingas!"
"For Gil-galad!"
"Forward axes of Dain!"
"Forth elves of the sea!"
All of a sudden the armies charged with Legolas in the lead. The elves let their arrows fly! They came down and a quarter of the army fell. Then the Riders of rohan and of the sea elves struck the army. Aranel weilded her sword with strength and power. She cut them down with no mercy. She was just ike her mother, Eowyn of Rohan. Eowyn was instead, running her spear through the host of orcs. Eomer was swinging his sword with such skill that no orc was in his path when he approached. Manwe drew his long elven sword and was cutting down orcs slowly, but with skill. He prefered to show the enemy his twists and fancy moves so that he would put fear in their hearts and they would beware of the Sea Eleves.

Then the dwarves struck the enemy. Aranel rode all the way through the battle lines. She looked back and saw orcs falling but no people killing them. She then understood. The dwarvses were there. Dain and his axe were the mightiest weapon on the battle field. By the time they had seen the orc his axe was in his hand.

Then came Lorien. Legolas was shooting down orc by orc. He shot two down, then used the tips of his recurve bow to cut a slit in an orcs chest. He used a bow even better than his father. The High elves were also with him. Rimedur drew his sword and when he drew it he cut an orc down. He cut another, then another, then another. He was faster than lightning.

By the time Legolas had stabbed two orcs, the orcs began to retreat into Lorien. The elves knew that they would only defile the place that Galdriel used to walk. The pointed there arrows in the air and they wiped out the remaining orcs. Legolas killed another orc, looked up and saw an orc on a horse riding into Lorien with a elven maiden tied to the horse. It was Yaviel. He rode after the rogue. The horse that the orc had stolen was speedy but not speedy enough. Legolas was catching up.

Leaves and branches were striking his face but he kept on riding. He rode well. He had been trained by his father. He was catching up quickly. Finally, with scratches from the branches on his face, he dismounted. The orc had climbed off his horse and drew it's sword. Legolas dropped his bow and drew an elven sword. It was almost an equal match. But Legolas did an er cut and slit the orcs face.

The elf pulled the elven maiden off the horse and her eyes were closed and she was pale with some blood on her forehead. Legolas fell to his knees and looked down at her.
"I was too late," he said to himself. He looked down at the dead looking face and all he could do was look at her. He could say nothing. All seemed dark. The shadow had come to his heart and pierced it. All was quiet.......quiet........quiet.........

To be continued.....
Written by Legolas: Danny

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