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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chapter III

Eruanna was riding with Eruapadion through a large valley. They had been riding all day, and, to the small and imature mind f Eruanna, for two days. She was hungry. She was deathly hungry. And she decided it was time to stop. She jumped off the horse leaving Eruaphadion alone on a galloping horse. The half elf turned and rode to her.

"We are stopping here and we are going to eat lunch." she declared firmlyas she did every. day.
"We are riding on until the real lunch time." came his usual reply.
"No!" came the usual response with the stomping of her left foot.
"Yes." came his usual answer with the jerking of the small hobbit onto the horse.

They rode on until the "real lunch time" which began an hour late according to Eruanna. Of course it was because he was use to finishing of a trail before relaxing. They sat down and began.
Eruaphadion pulled out some cram and gve it to Eruanna. She looked at it and in her usual tone of voice said,
"Cram! Anything else?" she said this and devoured it. He in reply through her an apple. She, in turn, threw in in the air and sut in two for she "needed practice" as she claimed even though she had done it since they first started on their journey. She devoured that and, as usual, claimed he had more than she. He in turn threw her his apple. Then, they rode on.

They rode out of the forest and into a field and into another forest. They went in fourteen yards and were than so surrounded by thorns that they stopped and drew their swords.
"Drethion (The name for her sword) for Eruanna!" she called and began to cut down the thorns.
The thorns on the bushes were at least two inches thick.
"Why are they attacking us so vigorously?" Eruaphadion said to himself. For the more they went in and the ore they cut that was doubled by fifty more bushes.

Suddenly they could not cut anymore. The bushes were as thick as young trees. They had to stop.
"What are we going to do?" asked Eruanna.
"Go around it." said Eruaphadion.
"What? We can't! The forest is too wide! And we have to get to Gondor!"
"If I let you through my plans will be ruined." said a voice. They instantly were thrown to the ground. They looked up and saw a man in a grey coat in front of them with a knarled fac. They looked and knew he was a great man.
"Many years ago, Saruman the White united himself to Sauron." said the man. "All his plans were ruined by a certain hobbit Frodo Baggins. Who took the One Ring to Mordor accompanied by Samwise Gamgee. And aiding Gondor and Rohan were Gandalf the White, Aragorn, Legolas Greenleaf, Gimli Elf-friend, Meriadoc Brandybuck, and Peregrine Took. They travelled from The shire, to Bree, from Bree to Weathertop, from Weathertop to Rivendell, from Rivendell to Moria, from Moria to Lorien where they met Haldir, the worst of all. From there they went to the river of Anduin where they were split. Frodo went from Anduin to Emen Muil, From Emen Muil to Dagorland, from Dagorland to Barad-dur and from their, to Orodruin. There is much more to tell. But I will not delve into it."
"Your sources are correct. What does that have to do with us." said Eruanna.
"Revenge has started. I, Mordorias, has come to finish all those who even had part in his mission." Said the man.
"How do you know the story so well?" asked Eruanna.
"I was there. I followed him even to Mount Doom. I was invisible. Wearing this ring." With this he held out his hand. On it was a ring. "This was forged in the deeps of time. It was lost in a crack in a rock under the earth. I was captured by goblins and forced to work. I worked little but buried myself under the earth. I wicshed my life to end. I was there only a little. I turned and saw the brightest of lights. I dug. I came to it and found it. It was the ring. I put in on and it seemed as if I knew everything. I knew for one that a small hobbit was in a cave with the ceature, Gollum. I found him and then I followed every move for I knew he held the One Ring. Afterwards I followed every owner that ever carried it. When it was destroyed I fled. My ring lost most power. I was visible. Until I have killed off all people who even knew Frodo or his companions and gotten at least one of the elven rings that the son of Legolas guards, for I know he has them, my ring will be next to nothing." he said.
"I know him. And I know almost every member of the Fellowship of the ring." Said Eruanna drawing her sword and Eruaphadion did the same. "I also carry these." She said and held up the elven rings.

The man jumped in the air and swung downward with his staff. He hit the ground and all lit up. The bushes caught on fire (For he was the one who had caused them to grow) and they were surrounded by wraiths or ghosts. They started to march towards the two companions. The man laughed. Out of nowhere came another voice.
"Why may I ask do you trouble to resist me, Mordorias?" it said. Out of the fire jumped a human. In his hand was a sword. It held the sign of Gondor.
"Nibenon!" said Eruaphadion.

To be continued.....
Written by Danny: Legolas

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