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Monday, April 20, 2009

Chapter IV

Legolas woke up the next morning by a smell. He turned over and saw Yaviel cooking by a fire. She looked, to Legolas, as if she was hiding a mystery but wanted to tell him. She then looked at him and said in a complaining,
"Well, I see you decided to murder mother nature with your presence."
Legolas turned over to make his bed and muttered to himself, "If she could shut her gobb for a few seconds I could ask her what she was cooking and, not to mention, complement her on making her first good meal in her life."
"Come on. I brought along with myself some stuff for making lembas bread," she said.
"Lembas bread!" whispered Legolas but then in a loud voice said, "Why didn't you even say that you brought that stuff!"
"You didn't ask." she replied as she threw him some of the elvish bread.
He started to eat it and, to his surprise, she actually did something right for once in her life.
"I must say," he said, "I am in awe that I am actually eating something you cooked that isn't poisoned and isn't burnt."
"You take that back Legolas Greenleaf!" she said standing and drawing her sword.
"Why?" He replied, "anything of yours I have ever eaten was burnt."
"Like what?"
"Like the cram you once gave me."
"Well I was-"
"And the meat that you once gave me,"
"Then I was-"
"Not to mention the fried fish."
"You misjudge me Legolas! I was younger than."
"Of all the stupidest-" she said but was cut off.
"Time to move." said the other.
They went off marching to their destenation.
"This is awkward." said Legolas.
"What?" asked the Elvenmaiden.
"This is a footprint." said Legolas.
"Your right!" she said after examining it, "Anf there are alot more ahead!"
"And what about it!?" said a deep voice behind them. They turned around to see three dwarves on top of eagles. Two of them had axes and the third had a bow. Obviously the leader.
"Who are you two?" said the dwarf.
"We are two elves on the way to Mirkwood or Greenwood as it is now being called," said Legolas.
"So are we." said the dwarf, "But why are you here?"
"We are at this moment going there to help them." said Legolas.
"What could two elves do to help Greenwood against the millions of orcs?" said the dwarf.
"These could." said Legolas holding out the seven dwarf rings.
"How?" asked the dwarf.
"Now what have you to say Dwarf." said Yaviel.
"I say that your coming to our king, Dain." said the Dwarf.
The dwarves helped the elves onto the eagles and flew off.
"Oh and by the way good sir," said Yaviel.
"It's madam elf." said the dwarf.
Yaviel was shocked. "Oh- well- your axe is falling off madam." she said. The dwarf woman bent down and brought up the axe.
"Thanks." she replied to Yaviel.
They landed and came to Dain. The two elves told the king why they were there and showed him the rings. He graciously took them and bowed low before the elves.
"I thank you." He said, "You have our leave to go."
The two elves left and started again on their journey. They were now walking through a forest on the way to Rivendell.
"That was easy." said Yaviel, "All we had to do was deliver the rings to Dain."
Then suddenly there was something moving in the bushes.They looked aroung but could see no one.
"Yaviel!" said Legolas suddely.
"What?" said Yviel facing him.
"Behind you!" he said.
She turned around and saw five orcs jump out and grab her. They tied her hands and started draging away.
"Legolas!" she shrieked as they dragged her away.
After he gathered his mind he ran after her with sword drawn.
"Yaviel!" he called as he cut the bushes in front of him. He looked around him but could see no sign of her
"Need some help?" said a voice. He turned and saw a human on a horse holding her hand down for him to grab.
"Aranel!" said Legolas.
"Take the hand elf." she replied to the elf.
He grabbed the hand and swung onto the horse and they went dashing off towards Rivendell to get help to rescue Yaviel.

They rode for an hour and arrived at Rivendell. It was standing tall and proud. There on the top of it was the new leader of Rivendell, Rimedur. He was standing at the top waiting for the Return of Aranel. With him was standing her mother, Eowyn of Rohan and Gondor. Her husband Faramir had been killed by Orcs and Eowyn, Aranel, and Nibenon, Aranel's brother had fled to Rivendell to ask the help and advice of Rimedur.

They were led to the place where the Counsel of Elrond once took place. When they entered they found Dain of the dwarves, Eowyn of Rohan, Rimedur, the King of the Sea elves Manwe, Eomer of Rohan, and some of the elves of Lorien.

"Legolas of Greenwood!" called the guard that escorted them there. The people rose and bowed before him. Rimedur rose and led him to the center of the room.

"Speak of the matter at hand." he said to Legolas.

Legolas spoke.
"The orcs, trolls and Goblins are invading every country." He said, "Every country has anarmy to deal with. The Shire, Greenwood, Gondor, Rohan, and many others. We must take a stand or all will be lost forever." As he finished he went and sat in a seat beside the Sea elves.
Rimedur then stood and spoke.
"I have all my people armed and on the march to Gondor. I would be honored if the dwarves me."
All the people started arguing. The people of Rohan wanted to march to Rohan, The people of Lorien wanted to march on Mordor, the sea elves insisted that Mirkwood be helped first as did the dwarves. In an hour they came up with no sollution. All held there opinions more important than the others.
Finally it came to fights. Dain fumped forward at Eomer with axe in hand and Eomer, Eowyn, and Aranel drew there swords and a duel started. The sea elves drew there swords and began to fight with the with the elves of Lorien. Rimedur started trying to make peace between them and Legolas sat in his seat thinking. Finally he stood and said,
"We must march to Greenwood."
The people turned to him in awe. He told them of the rings immediatley and they agreed. So the next morning the five peoples marched out of Rivendell fully armed. They set out for Greenwood.

To be continued.....
Legolas: Danny

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