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Monday, April 27, 2009

Chapter VII

Eruanna stood up and saw Eruaphadion and Nibenon standing on either side of her with swords drawn and pointed to either side. She saw that all around her were all sorts of gnarled creatures. They were giantic! Some had horns in their heads and others had tusks. Some had clubs others had huge swords, whips, chains, and others had weapons which she had never seen before! Their faces were gnarled with warts coming out of them, some looked as if they had only skulls. They were monstrous. Their faces were deformed and twisted. Some had awkward mouths. Others had one eye and others had more than two! They were twisted and evil.
Eruaphadion and Nibenon suddenly turned and engaged in battle with a huge creature. It had a huge club. They stabbed at it and cut at it, but it stood their staring at Eruanna. It suddenly swung it's club and smote Eruaphadion and Nibenon to the ground. The creature looked down on her and raised it's club. She couldn't do anything. She could only watch. As it brought it down, Legolas jumped in the way and shot it in the mouth. It fell at his feet. But he was struck by a creature and he fell.
All of a sudden, the creatures disappeared and she was alone. She looked around and saw on one side of her a green country with Pippin sitting in a garden. She looked to another side and saw a horse and a man standing side by side. She looked to another side and saw the creatures standing together and in front of them was a pillar with chains attached to it and six whips lined on a table. They were very cruel whips. Some were on fire and others were just whips with huge spikes. She then saw a figure of Gandalf walk forward with Frodo and Aragorn. They all picked up two whips and they crossed them across there chests. Frodo took the other four from Gandalf and Aragorn and walked to Eruanna. He then held them down for her to look at. Gandalf then said in a loud voice which was not his own,
"Eruanna Took, I have fallen at the Shire by the hands of an orc. I now ask you and beg you to accept the sufferings offered to you for the sake of all Middle-earth. But you must bear them alone. The others can not help you. They will fall. We are in your hands"
They then disappeared and the whips were now in the hands of some shorter creatures who were standing around the pillar. The decision was now hers. She stepped forward to the pillar without any resistance. Her decision was made. When she came to the pillar the creatures turned and fled. She then suddenly found herself chained to the pillar. One creature was left. He was holding all six of the whips in his huge hand. He pulled them back and swung forward. But before he could lash her, she jerked herself out of her bed, awoke, and the dream vanished.
She was breathing hard. She climbed out of her blanket and stood. She realized what it meant. Se was to go alone. She turned buckled the sword on her thin waist. She pulled the elven mail onto her and put the rings around her head.
She ran a few steps and then heard Nibenon's voice.
"Eruann! Where are you? I guess she went hunting with Eruaphadion."
She brethed a sigh of relief. She then began to run. When she had gone a few feet, her cape got stuck onto a branch. She tugged and tugged but it was stuck. She then pulled her sword out and cut the branch. She fell onto the ground.
"Eruanna!" said a familiar voice. She wheeled around and saw Eruaphadion. He helped her up and looked her in her eyes and stood.
"I have to leave!" she said to him.
"What?" he replied.
"I had a dream," she said like a scared child at night. "Creatures were trying to ht me, hurt me!" At this she began to shiver. Eruaphadion knelt down and looked at the ground. He then looked up and said,
"I had the same dream about you."
"You have?"
Eruanna hesitated to ask him if he knew what it meant. She knew that he must so just to find out she said,
"Do you know what it means?"
"I do."
They looked in each others eyes with sadness and pity. In the past week, or days, or however long it had been, they had become good friends. They loved each other as brother and sister.
"I have to get out, I have- to- I have to leave, I have to go."
"Then go."
Eruanna burst out in tears and brought her face to Eruaphadion's shoulder and cried there. He pushed her back and said,
"You must be strong. Now go. Go. And don't look back, don't look back," he said.
Eruanna then turned with much pain and sorrow and began to run. The old half elf just watched her with hot tears in his eyes. When the hobbit had gone some feet and had reached the other side of Orthanc she turned and raised her sword. It shined in the light and was a goodbye to her good friend who she would most likely never see again. Part three had began.

To be continued.......
Written by Legolas:Danny


Rose said...

Ok! So I want to know, who is based on who. I know Yaviel is Teresa, and i am guessing the little hobbit girl is Hannah, but is there anyone else? I know that Nibbenon is the elvish name for Paul, anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I like this, it's cool!
Who'se picture is the one of Eruaphadion?

Lady Hannah said...

The one of Eruaphdion is Halbarad.