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Monday, May 11, 2009

Chapter IX

Eruanna ran down the hill and looked at the country around her. It was nothing but rocks and plains. It was brown but slightly green. She knew what she saw beyond all this, Edoras. She was in Rohan.

"Rohan, where the guards stand and fight for what they hold dear, where freedom is fought for." said Eruanna remembering what her father Pippin had said. She began to run across the field as fast as she could. On account of the fact that she hadn't had a 'decent' breakfast, her feet began to ache after fifteen minutes of running.

She stopped and fell to her feet. "I can't do this Eruaphadion. I can't." She thought to herself. She then thought of the fact that all of Middle-earth was depending on her. She rose to her feet and stood erect. She then started to run. She ran over the grass as fast as her feet could carry her. Her feet were in a terrible condition. They were coated with blisters and were sore and she was barely able to pull them off the ground.

She finally could see the golden hall. She began to run again. She kept repeating to herself, "Edoras, Edoras, Edoras, Edoras." It soon became a running beat. She could hear her feet pounding on the grass and rocks. She then noticed that she heard footsteps. She thought to herself, "The Rohirrim!" she began to run to where she heard them. Her heart was not as heavy now. She then came around a rock so she could see the glorious sight. But, all she could see was a small patrol of Southrons.

She knew where they were headed, Edoras.

Their leader on an oliphaunt drew his sword and called out, "Catch her and bring her to Mordorias!" The southrons lowered their spears and charged. Eruanna knew not what to do. But she knew what would happen if Mordorias got the ring. She turned and ran. Suddenly, pain burst like a bomb in her mind. She fell to her feet with a crash. Her feet could hold out no longer. She had stepped and put all her wait on a pointed rock.

The Southrons grabbed her and in an instant she was unconscious.

"Bring her to Mordorias!" called the leader.

"But how do we know that she's the one?" asked on of the soldiers.

"Because she's a hobbit or halfling or whatever Mordorias called her." he replied.

"I say down with what Mordorias said," said the other, "He's just a mad old fool."

The leader, with one swift stroke, cut the head off the rebellious soldier. The body fell onto the sleeping hobbit. The water ration that the soldier had had on his back fell and splashed all over the place. The hobbit awoke with after all over her face. She pushed the body off of her and sat up. She found herself on an oliphaunt and headed towards Isengard. One of the guards next to her bent over and said, "Suilaid, Eruanna Took, Elen síla lumenn' omentielvo hebo estel eneth nîn Miluiel. I will protect you."

To be continued.....

Written by Legolas: Danny

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