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Friday, May 15, 2009

Chapter XIV

The army began the march to Gondor. Legolas rode in the front with Yaviel on his right. On his left rode Eowyn who would always be grateful that he was leading the elves and dwarves to help her late husband's country and the country of King Aragorn. Legolas looked forward on the road. He had left his home. He rode now to the aid of another. For if he did not, many other men, women and children would never know the word 'home'.

He looked back at the men as he rode forward. He then looked at the elves. Then he looked at the country around him. He had to think first of the people he loved. He looked back forward deep in thought. He raised his head. He was proud now proud to be an elf. He was proud to be part of the alliance. He was proud to be going to the aid of Gondor. He was proud to be riding by men. Thinking about aiding his good friends made him realize that he could hold his head high.
As his horse climbed a hill, men behind him suddenly called out, "It's Isengard!" He looked up and saw the tall tower Orthanc. On the top was a man dressed in black armour. He then looked down and saw an Oliphaunt. On the top were two figures wielding swords. In the distance were two figures riding on a white horse in the dirrection of Rohan. He looked closely with his elvish eyes at the battle and noticed that the tall one was Eruaphadion and the other, Aranel knew. It was her brother, Nibenon. Eruaphadion swung down with one stroke and cleaved a man. He then twisted around and deflected a blow from a Southron sword. He twisted the sword out of the man's hand and stabbed him with a knife. Nibenon had his sword in a dead man and it was sticking up in the air. He had his bow up and was shooting down Southrons. Whenever one got to close, he pulled out the sword and cut him down. Eruaphadion twisted around and cut a Southron in half and ran to the head of the Oliphaunt. He ducked a sword and threw the man over him onto his back. He grabbed his sword and ran to the head of the Oliphaunt. He turned the sword over in his hand, raised it and stabbed the gigantic creature. It fell on the floor dead.

Legolas looked to his left and saw an army of Orcs approaching the dead Oliphaunt. They reach it and looked to see Eomer leading the kingdom of Rohan into war. They reached the Orcs and the battle began. The dwarves then followed the men. Eomer, Eruaphadion, Eowyn, Aranel, Nibenon, and Dain wielded their weapons with deadly skill.

Legolas then looked to his other side and saw that more orcs were approaching and that the already fighting army needed reiforcments. He sent Yaviel, Rimedur, and Manwe to attack them. He led one hundred newly joined elves against the new orcs. Legolas' battle reached the orcs. He fought gloriously.He looked back and they threw back their elvish armour showing their Southron uniforms. They turned around and left a bewildered Legolas staring at them.

He suddenly felt a cruel blade slit slightly deep in his head. He fell to his knees looking into the face of an orc. It raised it's sword and grunted. Suddenly, a long blade came through it and it fell. Yaviel appeared and layed her hand on Legolas' head. With her skill she healed him. He looked her in the eyes. He said nothing. He then to the orcs ahead. He then rose and said to her, "Never did I think I'd die side by side with Yaviel daughter of Haldir of Lothlorien." She looked at him and said in a beautiful tone, "And neither did I think I would die by Legolas Son of Haldir, my brother."

Legolas looked at her with joy and bewilderment. "What!" Yaviel said to him in a clear tone, "When you were born you were named Legolas and when father died, Legolas brought you up after the war. He knew that it was what Haldir would have wanted."

Legolas put hi hands on the fair beautiful face of Yaviel with tears in his eyes, same as Yaviel.

Why have you never told me this?" asked Legolas.
"Because I wanted you never to know that you were not the son of the prince of Mirkwood."
"Then why tell me now?"
"Because I've grown to admire you and seen that you care nothing for a throne. But either way, you are the highest elf in Lothlorien."
"Yaviel, I feel as if I have finally found happiness." Legolas then turned and saw an orc coming. He swung his sword and cut him down. He found new strength. He wielded his sword with death. All fell before him.

Legolas cut down twenty orcs and Yaviel, thirty. They suddenly found themselves surrounded by archers. Legolas and Yaviel drew out there bows and drew them back. Suddenly They heard a loud horn blow and the orcs went running from Eruaphadion on a horse leading the elves of Rivendell, Eomer leading Rohan, and so on and so forth leading their armies. Legolas and Yaviel were left standing on the battlefield staring at each other's eyes.
The orcs ran but when the men ran into the tower of Orthanc to look for Mordorias, they only found a lonely tower. When they came to the top, they could see dragon flying away.
That afternoon, Legolas and Yaviel went to the woods to have a real wood-elven celebration. They ran throught the woods singing songs of joy.
They finaly sat on the grass and spoke. "I have found happines! I have found the real Yaviel!" said Legolas.
Yaviel smiled at him and giggled and lyed down. She too was a new Yaviel and had found a new Legolas. They were realy now friends. They now had found in eachother a great love for one another. All that Legolas could now think of now was his new found sister.
To be continued......
Written by Legolas: Danny


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