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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chapter XIII

Eruanna jumped back. She held her head high and, though she had tears in her eyes, she seemed joyful. She held her head high. "I was sent to go to Gondor to distribute the rings because it was the only way to do it. No that I am so close, I will not stop now. I am so close to the end." she suddenly went into deep thought. "I want to go home. The trees will be blooming. The hobbits harvesting the corn. Daddy will be sitting outside the house with his pint of beer and his pipe. I want to see daddy again." she said with sudden tears coming out of her small blue eyes. "I want to lay my head on his lap. I want to see daddy again. I want to go home." Miluiel knelt in front of the hobbit and hugged her. "Shhhhhhh!" she said softly. She walked to the horse and gently placed Eruanna on it. The two of them rode off to Gondor. They rode up over a hill and could see the white tower standing tall.
"Gondor. The holder of the greatest courage ever found. The guardian of the West. The friend of freedom, and the keeper of all that stands alive and good." said Eruanna recalling the words of her father.

From the hill they could see Mordor. There, at the front of the country was at least twenty thousand orcs. They looked as if each was breeding an orc or two. They were multiplying quickly. They also saw fire and sparks. It must have meant that they were forging weapons. Already about one thousand orcs had reached Osgiliath and were attacking it, five thousand orcs were on either side attacking it from the water, and three thousand more were marching to reinforce the attack.

The two orcs began riding down into Minas Tirith. A gate was now placed at the entrance into the white city. Sixty guards guarded it. Their leader approached Eruanna and looked into her eyes.
"I know your face!" he exclaimed.
"And I know yours!" said Eruanna. "It reminds me of something my father showed me, a picture he painted."
"Who is your father!" said the man grasping her hand.
"Peregrine Took."
"By my sword!" he said, "I am Beregond! The good friend of your father!"
"What! My father has told me oh, so much about you!" she replied. "But what are you doing at Minas Tirith? You were never allowed to enter again!"
"Exactly. That is why I guard the outside of the new gate." the soldier replied.
"I am sorry to inturrupt, but Gondor needs th- us right now." Said Miluiel trying not to give away the fact that they held the rings.
"You may enter." he said.
They rode through the gates and Beregond blew his horn three times. Four horsemen approached and led Eruanna and Miluiel to the Tower. As they rode by they saw many people in the streets crying, carrying dead bodies, stting in the front of their houses with hands on there heads just empty... empty...

Eruanna stopped the horse and raises her sword. In a clear loud tone she called, "People of Gondor, be sad no longer. The storm has ended." She spread her arms and then said, "Behold the dawn!" She grasped the rings on her neck and raised them high. They shone brighter than the sun and moon. Enya, Narya, and Vilya had returned to a human land. The sun of freedom had arisen.

To be continued......
Written by Legolas: Danny

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