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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chapter XV

Eruanna dismounted as she reached Minas Tirith, the White City of Gondor. She entered and began to climb the stairs with three rings in her hand. Miluiel followed her with many guards behind her. Eruanna strode up the stairs with all the people admiring her courage. She heard the voice of her father as she climbed. She was clad in armor and carried a sword in her left hand. She finally reached a tall white door.

The guard swung open the door and there in front of her sat King Aragorn and the seat of the Steward empty. She strode forth. Eruanna's father's old friend, Strider, stood and looked upon the rings. He walked to the bottom of the steps. He drew forth Narsil, sword of the kings, Anduril, sword reforged. He held it high and said, "I knew of when the rings would come. Behold, I call my people. To arm men of the west!" All the guards ran out of the room and Eruanna could hear the sound of trumpets and horns. Aragorn went and knelt before Eruanna. "Whether I go to victory or my death, I will follow you to war."

The troops were running too and fro gathering armour, helmets, swords, shields, bows, arrows, maces, spears, chain-maces, mallets, axes, torches, the few horses that were there, and any other items that could hit, stab, cut, and any other damage. They were being marshaled by the small hobbit Eruanna. She could not lead the troops, she gave that job to Aragorn, but she could be at least a shieldmaiden of Gondor and be second in command.

She ran to the top of the tower when all the troops were prepared and looked down on the army of Gondor. She looked to her surprise, bewilderment, and horror on only five thousand troops at the least who would fight against the eighty million soldier army of Mordorias. She then heard soldiers fighting. She ran to the other side of the white tower and beheld Beregond and his men fighting about fifty orcs.

They were doing wonderfully. Beregond led his men bravely and broke the charge of the orcs. All fifty lay dead at the feet of the guards of Gondor. She thought to herself, "We had news that there was no orc left in Middle-earth but all had fled to Mordor, but, here we have many orcs which look different from the others, they looked vaguely familiar though." She thought hard but couldn't figure it out. Then she heard the cries of people. They were not men, elves, dwarves, orcs, or any other creatures like that. She then saw them. Hobbits!

They were calling, "And don't come back to the Shire again!" Eruanna then noticed a very, very , familiar face. Peregrine Took ran down the hill greeting the men he loved. He then saw a familiar face. Beregond lifted the hobbit and cried, "I thought I'd lost you forever!" Pippin hugged him and laughed loudly.

Eruanna came running down the stairs and came out of the tower calling, "Daddy! Daaaaadyyyy!" She ran to him and hugged him tightly. Pippin hugged her back. Eruanna began to shed greater tears than that of all the water of the seas. They were together again.

Then came a great horn. It was that of the horn of Aragorn. Pippin heard it and reacted immediately. He ran to the front of Minas Tirith leading his hobbits. Aragorn saw him standing with Merry and Sam. He ran to them and they all hugged. But the storm was yet to come. Aragorn looked towars Mordor and in front of him stood a black line. The orcs were coming. He drew Anduril and rode to the front of his troops. He blew another horn calling all that would aid him. There over the mountains behind came Halberad and the army of Rangers. They came and joined the soldiers. Aragorn then blew another horn and the eagles suddenly swooped down.

Archers mounted them and made ready to fight. No more were left in Middle Earth save one army.

Eruanna looked around for Legolas but could see no one. Aragorn raised his sword to signal the troops to move but was stopped by a hobbit. Eruanna said in a begging tone, "Legolas will come. Be patient." Aragorn put his sword back in it's sheath and waited. After half an hour, They still waited. They could finally see the figures of the orcs. Aragorn rode over o Eruanna and said, "We can wait no longer." Eruanna thought to herself, "Legolas has failed.....how?......He said he would be here." She fell into sadness and finally realized the doom of Middle Earth. She felt as if she would run away.

Aragorn stepped forwad and d rew his sword. He looked back and the eagles flew with the archers firing their arrows. They shot down few for soon the archers were shot down and the remainders flew back to the Gondorians. Aragorn drew his sword and looked back at the cowed soldiers behind him. He took a deep breath and rode to the left edge of the army. He turned back and said,

"Men of Gondor, Eagles from the decent of Thorondor, Rangers of Arnor in the north, Hobbits of the Shire, al other people helping us. I see in your eye the same dreams, hopes, loves, desires. but what more can be desirable than the glory of being in a peaceful world. I look forward and I see eighty thousand black soldiers, I look back and I see seven thousand men, brave willing to fight, courageous, I look forward again and I see eighty thousand black nights fallen in defeat." The guards began calling out the name of Aragorn and Ellasar. Aragorn raised his sword again. He called out, "For Middle Earth!"Eruanna could feel the cool wind blowing on her face. She could see the shire. She then threw the chance to leave the shire and suddenly ran in front of Aragorn and charged. The army then charged as did the orcs. Her fathers face was shining with pride because of his daughter.

~So It Began~

The war is to be continued....
Written by Legolas: Danny


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What's wrong with spelling it with a capital letter? Or is that what's wrong? This a very, welllll, mmmmmmm, slightly and strangely interesting situation. Will you be so kind, brightly, and interestingly answer the questions or somewhat srange things I have said?

~Legolas: Danny