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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chapter XI

Eruanna looked up into a fair face. Miluiel was wearing the uniform of a Southron. She had clear, loving, blue eyes. Eruanna could see a bit of her hair, thought it was tucked under helmet, it was blonde and looked as soft as silk. On her thin waist she carried two elven daggers and on her back was an elven blade. She wore a cape of the same material that the Fellowship of the Ring wore. She must of made the Southrons think that she was a man and had stolen elven weapons and material. She looked down on Eruanna and through the cloth across her mouth Eruanna could see a smile.

The oliphaunt suddenly stopped and Eruanna was dragged up onto her feet. She stood and could see a tall tower. On the top stood a tall man in the armour of Sauron. Eruanna knew in an instant who this was. Mordorias. He looked down upon the hobbit and called out, "Bring the dog up to me!" Eruanna looked up and a tear went down her cheek. All had ended. The kingdom of Middle Earth would fall and all would come to darkness. She had failed Eruaphadion and Legolas, the king of the Elves. She had lost. In her thought, her hands suddenly felt something metal and cold. Miluiel had slipped Eruanna's sword into her hand.
Eruanna cut the ropes. She had another chance to save Middle Earth. She looked up at the elf and said, "Let's do it." Miluiel pulled out a horn and gave it one loud blast. Out of the bushes came Eruaphadion and Nibenon. Miluiel drew out the elven sword and cut the ropes. Eruanna jumped onto the ladder off the Oliphaunt and began to climb. Miluiel. threw off the Soutron uniform revealing her elven amrour and her position of the elven princess of Lorien. She began to cut down the Southrons.
Eruaphadion grabbed Eruanna and put her on a horse. Miluiel climbed down and jumped onto the horse also. She looked down at Eruaphadion and said, "Hail prince of Rivendell!" she then galloped off. Eruanna looked back at the prince and smiled. Miluiel rode past the enemies and towards Rohan.

They reached Edoras by noon on the hobbit clock and they dismounted. Miluiel walked into the Golden Hall and called out, "Hail king Eomer!" All that she was replied to with was the echo of her voice. She walked out in pity. She walked to Eruanna and showed her a torn flag. Eruanna looked at it and began to cry.
"I was too late... too late..." She layed her head on Miluiel's waist and cried out loud. Miluiel also began to cry. She had failed... failed...

To be continued.....
Written by Legolas: Danny


Rose said...

Oh dear!

Okay, so who is Miluiel? ;) (You know i simply must know these things!

Lady Hannah said...

*Mutters* Here we go again. Ahem. Yes well, Miluiel is based on Emmy from the forum.O.K.? Please say that you get it.
~Legolas: Danny

Rose said...

Okay! Thank you for putting up with my annoyingess. ;) It's your own fault for naming two characters Yaviel and Nibenon, because i already knew those translations and so i figured that if they were based on real people, everyone else was too! =)

*gasps* Wait then... who is Mordorias?

Lady Hannah said...

Ha ha! you! Just kidding. He is based on no one.
(I have no email account so it always says that 'Lady Hannah' posted it)