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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chapter X

Legolas stopped at the army and let down the elf. She looked up at him, smiled and climbed onto another horse. Rimedur rode to Legolas and asked, "Where to now?" Legolas raied his sword and called out, "Lothlorien!" The elves of Lorien raised there swords and bows and the army charged forward.
Aranel was bumping into the guards of Rohan and her sword was hitting her heel. Through all this, she was laughing with delight. The armies of Middle-earth were headed to the great forest of Lothlorien where the great malorn trees grew. She could hardly keep up with her own mother, Eowyn. She was laughing and singing of the glory of Lorien.
Legolas rode forward without looking to either side. His eyes were looking straight ahead at his road. His road to Gondor. Where the elves would fight for the last time for Middle-earth. It was already the begining of the age of Men. All the elves had not yet left Middle-earth and this would be the end. After this upcoming last battle he would be crowned king of Mirkwood and Lothlorien. After that, he would lead the elves out of Middle-earth. Their time had come.

It was night when the army reached Lorien. Legolas dismounted. He began running through it. The army followed. They ran throught the great Marlorns with great speed. They passed under the great branches and as they went, all the elves that had been left there joined the already great army. The women and children that met them were placed in the middle of the army so that they would be defended by the outer soldiers.

The army made it out of Lorien without meeting any orcs and with great sorrow. For the elves knew that there time in Middle-earth had come. They finallay climbed a hill and were looking down upon Mirkwood. Legolas saw huge armies of Orcs, goblins, and trolls surrounding it. They were even greater than that of the War of the Rings. Legolas looked down the hill and raised his sword. The sun suddenly rose and he was seen by the orcs standing on the hill alone. They knew that the king of the elves had returned. The elven archers ran up next to him and bent their bows and waited for the command. Legolas called out in a loud voice, "Tangado haid! Leithio i philinn!" The elves let there arrows fly. The arrows landed wiping out one entire army of Trolls. Legolas then called up the elven swordsmen.

There swords began to swing upwards. The battle for Mirkwood had begun. Legolas ran into the hordes of orcs cutting down orc by orc. He swung at ones sword and knocked it out of his hand. He then stabbed it and killed it fast. He swung down and cleaved another's head. He fought like a king. None could withstand him. He cut down the entire Cursom Hersior, (The leaders of the orcs) He made it into Mirkwood first. He weilded his sword skillfully and majesticly.

He now fought in the woods he once knew. Down through the trees he went. He cut off an orcs head, twisted around and hewed a goblins arm. He looked up at trees and saw that goblins were coming out of two of them like little ants.

Legolas cried out and charged into the thickest part of the creatures. The creatures fell before him. He chopped down all two hundred of them while dodging orcish arrows. He turned to see a troll headed right for him. He pulled an elvish knife out and threw the blade into the creatures mouth and it cut it's throat. He looked down to see orc. He looked to the other side and saw the leader of the Greenwood invasion. He was an Uruck Hai from the War of the Ring. He was ten feet tall wearing black armour. He carried a long scimitar and a tall shield. He marched to Legolas grunting. Legolas drew back his sword and swung at the Uruck's head. He deflected the blow with a shield. Legolas then swung low and severed the foot. The orc fell. It then rose again and though it stood in one place, it fought vigourously. Legolas stabbed it many times. The orc finally cut into Legolas' side but did not cut very far. Legolas fell with a cry onto his knees panting. The orc looked down and raised his sword. Legolas took his chance and stabbed it with the elvish blade. The creature fell with a hideous cry. Legolas had won. He looked up and saw his army running towards him. They fought the rest of the orcs and drove them back out of the forest.
The battle was won.

To be continued.......
Written by Legolas: Danny

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