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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chapter XII

Legolas rose from the ground and walked out of the forest. He climbed onto a rock and below him stood the army of Lorien, Rivendell, and Mirkwood who had just joined the army. Legolas spoke in a majestic tone, "We have won. We have fought. We have conquered. We have taken the right path." They had come so far and now Legolas was so close to his throne. He would not take it just yet. Three paths were now before him. The lands of Valinor, the battle of Gondor, or to stay at home. At the forests he knew. At the place he had grown to love. He had to decide. He would not take the paths of Valinor. He had to decide between the other two. If he went to Gondor he would never return to the woods he knew...that he knew... that he knew... that he loved... his woods...
"I can't leave." said Legolas looking back at the woods with a tear. "I have to go." He looked down and to the side at the men of Rohan. He had to think of the glory of Men first. They were also creatures. They were their allies. He had to leave.

He turned to the army and said in a clear voice, "We are leaving now. The age of Greenwood or Mirkwood or all other names given it has reached it's final goal. Those who are going to stay are to stay. All who aren't are following Legolas Greenleaf to the aid of Men." A battle cry a rose from the elves and from the men, only tears. How could an elf think this way to the kingdom of Men, the usurpers? How could a king so great be so kind?

Legolas raised his long sword and the three people on the battle fields called out,
"To Gondor!" Legolas in reply said in a soft voice to himself, "Gondor."

The army descended the hill which they had climbed before. Legolas stopped and looked back on those trees. The trees he loved. A tear decended down his cheek and he pronounced the name for the very last time, "Home."

To be continued.....
Written by Legolas: Danny

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