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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chapter II continued (Read this third)

Gandalf looked over to see Legolas standing in the doorway smiling.
"What are you doing here?" he said laughing.
"Well it is my house," he replied also laughing.
"I know, but I expected you to come home tomorrow!" said Gandalf.
"Well I'm home anyway," he replied.
Eruanna ran to Legolas and gave him a hug.
"Hello, Eruanna!" said Legolas lifting her in the air and spining the laughing hobbit.
"What kept you away so long!" she said when he put her down.
"My, my father d- died," he said with tears in his eyes. "So I stayed a little longer."
"Oh," Eruanna replied. "I'm sorry."
The elf looked up and said in a cheerful manner,
"Well it's no time for sadness. I'm going to have dinner with your family tonight."
"Oh!" she cried, then she remembered the floor and her smile left her face.
"What is it?" Legolas inquirered as he put away his things.
"I,um, did you know about those loose boards next to your shelf?" she asked.
"What boards?" he asked with an angry expression on his face.
"Oh, I broke a hole in your floor and found a room in it," she replied.
Legolas looked at her and said in a strange voice,
"What did you see?"
"Nothing but an old dusty room," she said.
He looked to the side and then after a minute or so he broke the silence.
"Unfourtunately, you've seen it. I am forced to show it to you.
Legolas walked to the side of his house and pulled some sort of lock. It was a lever with a square on the tip of it which fit in between two teeth on a gear. When it was pulled up, the gear moved a rope in the wall and the flat boards on the floor seemed to break into twelve, one foot-long, horazontal stairs. The entire thing went down, but the stairs stayed horazontal. At last it stopped moving and there were twelve steps going downward.

"Come on," he said and led them down the stairs.

To be continued......

Written by Legolas: Danny

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