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Monday, January 12, 2009

The adventure continued...........................

The adventure continued, is a blog about Legolas Greenleaf who was named the same name as his father, also Laegolaus, the king of the Wood-elves, and his very good freind, Pippin Took's daughter: Eruanna Eruwaedhiel Took who is 39 yrs old. It is the story of they discovered a vast treasure...or is it a burden? Together, Eruanna and Legolas and Gandalf must take the burden upon themselves to keep it from the evil hands of the orcs........................ The first nine chapters are the first book: Three Rings For the Elven Lords under the Sky, the next fifteen chapters are the second book: The War of the Seven Rings.

This blog will be run by Eruanna: Hannah, and her brother Legolas: Danny. ENJOY!


Rose said...

Ha ha, I think I shall like this book! I mean blog!
Uh, historical note, Legolas's father's name was Thranduil. (yup that one! The elf king from the Hobbit!)

Just thought I'd point that out!

Lady Hannah said...

I am not Legolas from the Books! I am Legolas' son Legolas. You see we have the same name.

-Legolas: Danny