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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chapter III (read this fourth)

Legolas walked down the steps with them into a pitch-black room. Gandalf and Eruanna looked around and could see nothing. Legolas walked into the pitch black darkness and they could see a torch lit. It moved to the side and lit a tall staff that was pointing straight up. The torch went out, and it moved to the left side and it lit a half circle which lit another staff. Both of the staffs made lines of fire spell out somthing. It read:

Three holes on the roof were opened, making a triangle on a table that was in the center. And under each hole was a ring.
"What-" said Gandalf almost in a whisper, but didn't finish his sentence.
"These are the Elven rings," said Legolas.
"How are they, I mean, Why do you, I mean, How do you, have them?" Gandalf replied.
"Galadriel and the other ring owners gave them to the wood-elves for protection about twenty years ago." said Legolas, "My Grandfather, Thranduil, knew that wherever they were, they would be in danger. So he sent them where they would never be suspected to be. Here in the Shire. In this room. We have had an elf of royal blood protect it for years. I was told the tale four years ago and I immediatly wanted to be the next Ring bearer of the greatest Elven treasures of all times. My father wanted me to stay and be king, but I denied the throne and gave it to My younger brother. I went to the shire and I have been here for the four years."
"I never thought you a ring bearer like my fathers freind Frodo Baggins." said Eruanna.
Legolas smiled.
To be continued......
Written by Legolas: Danny.

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