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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chapter IV (Read this fifth)

Eruanna's eyes widened and she said,
"This is news! I have to tell my friends!"
"No!" said the Legolas, "No one must know! I will tell your family."
"You really think it would be safe?" asked Gandalf.
"Maybe," said Legolas, "I wonder."

They put out the the fire and closed all the secret rooms, and stairs and holes. Legolas and Gandalf were the guests of honor at the Took table. But, it was not only a dinner, but a welcome home party. Everyone was their! Meriadoc had come from Brandybuck, Proudfeet, and many other hobbits including twelve dwarves.

When all the company had left and the younger ones were asleep, Legolas told Pippins family of the rings. But, When he began, a certain son of Pippin was listening secretly.
"And your daughter has seen them," finished Legolas.
"I'm amazed!" declared Pippin.
"But we must keep it a secret!" Whispered Gandalf.
"You can depend on me!" said Pippin.
"And me," said the small son of Pippin to himself honestly.

Legolas left a awed struck family and went to his house for a good sleep. The next day, Pippin sent his son, Teregrine and Eruanna to a place that he had started called the sign of the Prince of the Halflings. When they arrived, Teregrine went to the bar and asked for a drink. After singing a song, and drinking a few drinks, he started to talk with some freinds.
"You know," said Teregrine, "my friend owns the three rings of power and he told us that-"
Before he could finish, Eruanna jumped up and grabbed him but at the same time, two figures who were wearing hoods over their faces, jumped up and started to run at the two hobbits.
"Run!" called Eruanna. They ran out of the Bar, but the figures kept on their tales. The hobbits could see the figures shadows getting closer. They were catching up.

To be continued......

Written by Legolas: Danny

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