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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chapter IV continued (read this eighth)

Eruanna charged when the bodyguard were facing Merry's company. She ran to the backs of them and cut down one. Then two, then three, then four.

"Their down, Charge!" called a hobbit. Eruanna turned and jumped onto the cheif orcs face. He threw her off with one swing. She turned and ran with the others to Sam's company. When Sam saw them coming, he gave a cry of joy and advanced with his men. They were found their courage! They charged through the lines cutting down the left and right flanks.

Now, Pippin's company was preventing the orcs from invading, and Merry and Sam had their retreat cut off. The Orcs had no choice but to surrender.

Legolas was still in the middle of the orcs. There was an army of orcs around him. He slashed to the left and the right with his elven dagger. It stung those who it pierced. He finally had killed all the archers by throwing his arrows. The orcs slowly backed up. He quickly sliced two orcs, drew an arrow stabbed two, swung it and killed three more. He painfully jumped on a rock and pulled out his bow. He put four arrows on his string and let the arrows fly. The orcs were dropping around him.

Three jumped in front of him. He reached back and found that no arrows were in his quiver. He swung the bow killing the three with the sharp tips of the bow. Speared an orc with his bow and drew his dagger. He jumped in the air and brang the dagger down on an orcs head. The remaining orcs turned and fled. He put his hand on his bleeding leg and fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, at the battlefield, The orcs finally submitted .
"We surrender!" called the orc chief. The hobbits started cheering. Then it was treachery. While the hobbits were cheering, the orcs broke through their lines and fled up the hill where they had come. Eruanna looked at Pippin and said,

"I forgot! Legolas is behind that hill!" she cried. The hobbits charged and surrounded the body. The orcs went around them and fled. Pippin, Merry, and Sam carried him to into his house. They carried him to his room and called for Gandalf who, to Eruanna's surprise, was fighting in the battle. He came the next morning and looked at him.

After about ten minutes later Pippin came out and sat down on the floor crying.

"What's the matter with him!" Eruanna asked.

He looked up at her with a sad expression.

"The spear head was poisoned," he said.

She jumped back and gasped.

"Is their any hope?" she asked.

"None." he said.

She sat down and began to cry. Then her Took brain thought of something.

She ran to him and exclaimed,

"The rings!"

To be continued....

Written by Legolas: Danny.

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