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Monday, January 12, 2009

Chapter I (Read this first)

It all began when the elf Legolas Greenleaf, who looked exactly like Legolas, his father, was going on a trip to visit his good friend, Gimli. Meanwhile his "little friend", Eruanna Took (named an elven name because her father, Pippin, loved the elves), was anxiously waiting his return.

When the day came, she came skipping through the shire saying to herself,
"Greenleaf is coming home today, Greenleaf is coming home today!"
For she loved to hear the stories he told. Another reason why she thought him as a good friend, was because they lived about two miles apart and he owned a huge piece of land in which he grew many trees in which she loved to climb.

She came to his house thinking that he was at home. In her childish voice she called as she knocked on the big, wooden door,
"Greenleaf! Greenleaf! Are you home? Come on! Stop playing games..." Before she could finish her sentence, the door creaked opened a mite.
"Legolas?" She said, as she pushed the open the door as it creaked and complained on it's hinge.
"It ain't polite to go budgin' into other's houses....but....'e is Mah friend after all." She steeped into the dusty and ancient house and looked around.
"My, if this isn't the dirtiest house in all the shire!" She laughed. "Wot's this?" She steeped forward curiously to a big ancient ax with old engraving written over it, leaning against the wall, full of dust. "Legolas nevah showed me this." She picked it up to examine it with her usual hobbit curiosity.
"OH! IT'S SO 'EAVY!" As, the little hobbit lifted the giant axe, she tumbled under it' weight and the axe fell to the ground with a crash, sending all the ancient wood crumbling and falling into a perfect circle.
"Why this is as strange as news from Bree! It's a giant hole!" As she tried to lift the axe to move it, the axe, by it's weight, flung her arms over her head and crashed onto the wood behind her, again into a circle! The axe then fell through the hole leaving the little hobbit stuttering for breath in astonishment.
"OH NO! HIS AXE! He's going to....NO!," she said as she frantically grabbed the boards behind her, "I'm slipping!" The young girl then slipped into the deserted empty hole below, with boards splinter down after her.
"Look at that door ovah therah! It looks big and important.." The small girl looked up at the big ancient door that seemed to make her look and feel like a small apple. She then turned to see if there was a way out of the musty old room.
"OH NO! Wot' am Oi goin' to do?! LOOK! Stairs!" Cheering up immediately, the little hobbit then rant to the stairs and climbed up them. She then same to a door and pushed the handle down, while shoving all her weight on the door.
"Come on! Ye daft...." the door then swung open, leaving her standing in the upper floor of Legolas' house in his room.
"Could this be?! I've found a secret room of some sort! Oh won't Legolas be glad! But I broke his floors!! No never mind about the glad! He'll kill me! He loves that old floor of his! GASP! AND GANDLAF IS COMING DOWN THE ROAD!!!" With that, the little hobbit dashed down the stairs and shoved a big rug over the holes and then hid behind behind a chest.

"Legolas, Hello!" called the voice of Gandalf, "Wonder why the blighter kept the door open." With that he walked in and went to the shelf.
"Let me see, I don't think he'd mind if I borrowed that old book of the history of the Rings of Power....where is it! Doesn't Legolas ever clean his house?!" The frustrated old wizard then went around looking through the books, as a little unnoticed form was moving silently behind him, and reached it's hand into his pocket, lifted something out and then dashed behind a chest unnoticed.
"HERE IT IS!" The wizard said as he held out the book in triumph! "Well, I'll call tomorrow to see if the old Elf is home." Gandalf then concluded his search and walked out of the house.
"HAHA! Oh this is luck! I've always loved Gandalf's keys!! HEHE! Oi! They might fit into that key 'ole down stairs! That's it! Yes!" As she dangled the keys before her eyes, the door opened and Gandalf's face showed in the middle of the key ring. Gandalf stomped into the room and looked won at the little hobbit smiling sheepishly.
"Erauuna Took. I should have known."
To be continued........................................
Written by Erauna and Legolas.

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