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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chapter V (read this ninth)

Eruanna ran to where she had seen Legolas pull the lever. Pippin found it first and he pulled it up. The stairs opened and they ran down the stairs.

They lit the room and grabbed the rings. They brought it up to Legolas. Eruanna was sent out and she sat outside the room and waited. Two hours later Pippin came out smiling.
"It worked!" he called to her. They ran in and saw Legolas laying on his bed. He had the rings in his hand.
"Thank you," he said looking at Eruanna, "For saving my life."
"It was one worth saving," said the Hobbit. Their was a tap on the window outside. Legolas looked and saw a knarled and scared face peeking in. In a flash it was gone. Eruanna and Legolas looked at eachother.
"The Orcs!" he said.
"They've seen the rings!" Eruanna replied.
"You need to get out," said Gandalf.
"Then we need to make plans!" said Legolas.
Pippin looked out the window and said, "No time. Look what's coming."
Legolas looked out and saw ten orcs going very slow about as far as you can throw a stone, heavily armed and trying not to be seen in Legolas' forest. But he was a skilled Elf, and he was from the woods, so he could see all of them.
"You need to move fast!" said Gandalf.

Legolas and Eruanna ran down into the chamber of the rings and they came to the door that Eruanna had tried to use. Legolas opened it and lit some torches. The room was full of Elven Armour. Elven shirts, Gold shields, swords of many kinds, Armour of many kinds, many gold and silver helms, saddles, beautifully carved bows, many, many, quivers, elven daggers, sword staffs, spears, brown boots, Elven dresses, chain mail shirts and skirts, and twenty capes. Legolas turned to Eruanna and said,
"This is the Armoury of the ring-bearers. We must hurry." Eruanna went through all the armour and found a mail skirt that fit. A dress to go over it, a gold shield, a silver helmet, and a short Elven Cape. Legolas wore an elven shirt, a bow and three quivers of arrows for when he ran out of arrows, an elven sword, three daggers, and a long green cape.

They ran to the door and threw it open. Their in front of them about a stones throw was ten orcs. Legolas put and arrow on his string and Eruanna drew her sword. Two orcs ran at them. Legolas shot one down and Eruanna finished the other off with her sword. Then, the remaining eight charged. Four ran at Legolas. He stabbed one, swung an arrow and killed another, swung his bow and stabbed another with the tips, and shot another arrow at the fourth. Eruanna blocked the first swing with her shield, and stabbed the orc, another orc slashed her helmet off, she swung her sword and killed him, cut the legs off another, then an orc ran up and knocked her over. Gandalf jumped out and raised his staff. The orc fell backwards and was shot with an arrow.
"You came in good time," said Legolas.
"Their is no time," Gandalf replied, "you must get out now."

Legolas and Eruanna took to the road and started their long march.

To be continued.....

Written by Legolas: Danny

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