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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chapter IV continued (read this sixth)

Eruanna turned to Terregrine and said,
"They're catching up!"
"I know!" called Teregrine.

Erruanna tripped and fell. She sttod up and plated her feet firmly in the ground. The figures threw off their hoods revealing their half-orc identity. Her eyes widened as she saw their faces. They drew their swords and ran faster. One ran to the back of Eruanna and the other ran to the front. They stopped and jumped onto Eruanna. The one in the front tied her hands in the back of her and put a halter on her neck. The other, obviously the cheif because the other did all the work, pulled out a horn and blew it. The other puled at the halter making her move. The cheif, whose name was Ortis, walked behind her.

They dragged her to Legolas' forest and their they tied her to a tree with her cheef smashed against it. They turned and talked.

"Well, you heard her," said Ortis, "three rings of power! Three! that must mean the three elven rings! What a prize!"

"I doubt it Ortis," the other said, "Their halflings and don't know nothin' 'bout those things."

"Well," said Ortis, "then we'll question this one,"

"I say we threaten instead," said the other.

"Good Idea Rotch," said Ortis. They went to work on something, but Eruanna fell asleep.

She woke up from being kicked by an orc foot. She looked back and Ortis pulled a branding Iron out of the fire. Secretly, Erruanna had hidden an elven knife that Legolas had given her in her belt. Ortis took one step but, to Eruanna's surprise he fell with an arrow in him.

Eruanna heard a screem as if someone had been stabbed on the hill. Eruanna looked up and saw a hooded figure with a short sword in it's sheeth and orcish armor on and in an orcish voice said,

"There was an elf on that hill. My orcs marched up and speared him before he could throw an elvan dagger. We made sure he was dead."

"Realy?" said a voice on the hill. The orcs looked up and fell with arows in them. Legolas jumped down the hill and cut the ropes on her wrists.

"Are you alright," he asked.

"Yes," she replied. Legolas pushed his cape out of the way and pulled a tip of an orcish spear out of his leg.

"They hit me with a spear and I pretended to be dead," he replied. Eruanna pulled her dagger out and said to Legolas,

"Do you see anything?"

"No," he replied.

"I do," she said, "I see eyes! alot of them!"

All of a sudden orcs and goblins jumped out. Legolas pulled out his two foot dagger and started cutting down orcs but couldn't walk because of the wound. Erruanna with her hobbit sword

was running through their feet killed Goblins and cutting off the feet of the orcs. She reached the top of the hill and by the little light their was and because of her hobbit eyes could see thousands of orcs pouring into the forest. Their were Goblins coming out of the trees, and trolls mixing with the orcs. And in the middle, Legolas was killing every orc that came close to him. She then saw little specks out in the shire.

To be continued....

Written by Legolas: Danny

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