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Monday, January 26, 2009

Chapter VI (read this tenth)

Once they had walked a mile or so, Eruanna in her wining voice asked,
"Legolas, where are we going?"
"Don't you know?"
"Well," said Legolas, "The rings are in danger now that the orcs know of them, they have been protected long enough in the shire. They need to be taken to the elven kingdoms where they rightfully belong. I will give them to the Wood-elves, the Sea-elves, and the Silvan-elves. Which is, one to the current King of the Wood-elves, another to the current king of the Sea-elves, and the last to the current king of the Silvan-elves."
"Oh," said Eruanna.

They marched the whole day. Eruanna swung her helmet onto her shoulder because it was heavy on her head. Legolas finally decided to sleep their for the night. In the morning they began again. Eruanna felt like she had been walking a week and more, on and on they walked. Around lunch time, when they were walking through a forest, she fell on her knees and couldn't get up.
"Come on," said Legolas, "We've only been walking for half a day."
"My legs just can't move no more," she replied.
Legolas decided to stop and eat. When the food was prepared, Legolas took a seed cake and some cram and started to eat. Suddenly a sword was put in front of his face. A voice said,
"Legolas Greenleaf, protector of the Three elven rings, why have you deserted your post?"
As fast as lightning he drew his sword and rose with the sword i front of him. Their was little light so he could see little. He suddenly swung two blows, one at the opponents feet, and the second at the head, but both were blocked. The figure laughed a familiar laugh and came out of the shadows.
"Yaviel Eruheran!" said Legolas.

To be continued....

Written by Legolas: Danny

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