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Monday, January 19, 2009

Chapter IV continued (read this seventh)

With a smudge of dirt on her cheek and standing bravely on the hill, she drew her sword and yelled:

"FOR THE SHIRE!!!" She then ran down the hill cutting off orc legs and goblins heads, running into the shire cutting down orcs. she ran into a giant orc with a painted face. She swung her sword at him but he blocked it and twisted the sword out of her hand. She looked up waiting for the death stroke to come down but he fell with a sword through him. He fell revealing a hobbit behind him.

Pippin had ran up behind the orc-cheif and stabbed him in the back. He was clad in his Gondor uniform, and a grey cloak, and a helm.

"Eruanna, are you alright?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied. They turned to see orcs charging down the hill. H They ran through the streets knocking on the doors and rousing the hobbits. When all were awake, the battle of the halflings began. Samwise Gamgee, (who had jumped out of Bag-End and had seen the Orcs) led one hundred hobbits into the left flanks. Meriadoc, who was visiting Pippin led another one hundred hobbits into the right flanks. And Pippin and Eruanna led the charge into the middle. Sam's company reached the orcs first. They had started out well, for a second or two, but then the orcs in the back of the line reinforced the left flanks. Pippin reached second and it began going bad. Merry's reached the back in an instant.

Eruanna sliced down a goblin and seized his sword. She swung both swords at the same time and then killed two more with a downward swing. She fought like she had never fought before with the two swords. And after killing twenty orcs he made it to the back. She ran up the hill in the back of the battlefield to see how the battle was going.

Sam's company was falling fast. Merry's was strong and pushing inward to reinforce Sam. They went through one hundred orcs in a flash of lightning. Then came the commander of the entire orc attack. In front of him was his bodyguard. They were taller than any orcs. They were armed with bows, daggers, swords, spears, and shields. They were clothed with orcish-mail, breastplates, helms, arm and hand plates, and tall metal boots. Their were twenty of them and they were cutting down Merry's company fast. Eruanna raised her sword and cried,

"The Shire!" she charged to the guard and their she stopped.

To be continued.....

Written by Legolas: Danny

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